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Bubbles 'n Beans

Latest Beancast marketing podcast is up, where I join host Bob Knorpp, and panelists Matt McDermott, Bill Green and Alan Wolk to discuss ... tags: "Alan_Wolk""Bill_Green""Bob_Knorpp""I"Joseph_Jaffe""Marketing_Podcast""Matt_McDermott"

Jaffe Juice #151 - Salem Baskin joins Joel and Jaffe as we debate the New C-Suite

In this episode, we step it up by inviting Jonathan Salem-Baskin to join Mitch Joel and myself in our monthly debate. Perhaps JSB will join ... tags: "Ad_Age""Dim_Bulb""Flip_the_Funnel""I"Jaffe_Juice""Joseph_Jaffe""Marketing_Podcast"

Jaffe Juice Audio Podcast #148 - Jaffe and Joel debate the Digital Strategy Void

I was recently asked by a CMO to recommend an agency that was known for their digital strategy leadership.\nI was at a loss.\nSo Mitch and ... tags: "Account_Planning""Crispin"Digital_Agencies""Digital_Strategy""Jaffe_Juice""Joseph_Jaffe""Marketing_Podcast"

Jaffe Juice #146 - Jaffe and Joel discuss The Agency of the Future or the Future of Agencies

Mitch and I get together and for once seem to agree on most of the discussion, except for the part on compensation where I'm clearly right ... tags: "6"I"Jaffe_Juice""Joseph_Jaffe""Marketing_Podcast""Mitch_Joel""Twist_Image"

Jaffe Juice #137 - Jaffe and Joel on Personal Brands and Thought Leaderhip Content Creation

Mitchand I discuss the business of thought leadership in a B2B/serviceoriented, social media-enabled world. What039s real. What is not. ... tags: "Content_Creation""Flip_the_Funnel""Jaffe_Juice""Joseph_Jaffe""Marketing_Podcast""Mitch_Joel""Personal_Branding"

Jaffe Juice #135 - FourSquare, For Squares or Faux Square - the Debate

Thisreally is a good one, which is scary...because it implies the othersweren't. Seriously though, in episode 3 of Jaffe vs Joel kinda, ... tags: "Cause_World""Flip_the_Funnel""Jaffe_Juice""Joseph_Jaffe""location_based""Mitch_Joel""Six

The Launch of the Living in High Definition Podcast

This is a little backwards, because I still want to spend some time over the next couple of weeks outlining the single most signficant ... tags: 30-secondaccountabilityadvertisingafteragainagenciesagency

Delivering a new podcast and a new partner!

On Friday of last week, I recorded my last 'Across the Sound - The New Marketing Podcast' ever. The podcast I began 2 years ago with Steve ... tags: accountabilityAcross_The_Soundadvertisingagenciesagencybrandedbranding