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Nasdaq Videos - 4 by Popular

Le Nasdaq touche les 4.000 points

Ouverture Wall Street 25/11/2013 L'indice amricain profite de l'accord sur le nuclaire iranien pour dpasser la barre symbolique des 4.000 ... tags: iranNasdaqnucléaireNYFPnyfpbourse24tvnyfpfinancepremiumnyfpwallstreet

BUSINESS DAILY - The new man at the top of Peugeot Citroën

The former number two at Renault, Carlos Tavares, is taking over at Frances biggest carmaker, PSA Peugeot Citron. He'll join the company in ... tags: 40bankbankingbusinessCACexchangefinance

BUSINESS DAILY - French PM promises to go back to the drawing board on taxes

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault kicks off a series of meetings with trade unions and company bosses this Monday as he promises a ... tags: 40bankbankingbusinessCACexchangefinance

BUSINESS DAILY - Farmers protest by blocking roads into Paris

French farmers disrupted traffic on Thursday as they brought a protest over changes to the Common Agricultural Policy and planned tax rises ... tags: 40agriculturebankbankingbusinessCACexchange

Stephen Guifoyle : correction or no correction ?

Stephen Guifoyle Economist at discusses whether the stock market is in a bubble. tags: economist_forecastFederal_ReserveFOMCGovernmentguifoyleNasdaqnyfpbusinesscenter

BUSINESS DAILY - Record fine of $13 billion for JPMorgan Chase

US bank JPMorgan Chase has agreed a 13 billion settlement with US authorities. The charge relates to allegations over its selling of ... tags: 40bankbankingbusinessCACdiplomacyexchange

BUSINESS DAILY - Blockbuster day for orders at Dubai Air Show

Boeing takes the lions share of orders on the opening day of the Dubai Air Show, with its latest version of the 777 making the bulk of ... tags: 40AirbusAsian_marketsaviationbankbankingBoeing

BUSINESS DAILY - Sponsors set to lose out if France doesn't make it to the World Cup

France plays a crucial qualifying match against Ukraine on Tuesday, with the prospect of crashing out of the World Cup tournament before it ... tags: 2014_FIFA_World_Cup40bankbankingbusinessCACexchange

Des excès relatifs dans le secteur des hautes technologies

Pour Patrick Legland, en charge de la recherche globale de Socit Gnrale, la hausse de Twitter ne doit pas alarmer les investisseurs car ... tags: bulle_internetclubicIPONasdaqnyfpbourse24tvPierre_AlexandreSGCIB

Pas de risques pour la croissance US à court terme

Pour Patrick Legland en charge de la recherche globale pour Socit Gnrale, il n'y a pas de risques sur la croissance US court terme. Les ... tags: croissanceEtats-UnisfedNasdaqNYFPnyfpbourse24tvnyfpfinancepremium

Des risques pour les pays émergents à terme

Pour Patrick Legland, en charge de la recherche globale Socit Gnrale, la demande emanant des pays mergents est risque dans les prochaines ... tags: croissanceEtats-UnisNasdaqNYFPnyfpbourse24tvnyfpfinancepremiumnyfpitws

La croissance française sera inférieure à 1% en 2014

Pour Patrick Legland, en charge de la recherche globale Socit Gnrale, la croissance franaise devrait rester faible l'an prochain, en ... tags: AYRAULTentrepriseshollandeNasdaqnyfpbourse24tvPIBPierre_Alexandre