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Muslim Community in Chicago

The Muslim community in Chicago has grown during the last few decades. As the community expanded so did their places of worship. Over the ... tags: Al Huda Mosque Chicago Davon Avenue growth Nadeem Yaqub Ramadan traditions

US-Pak Relations Mango Diplomacy

Since the Raymond David episode and killing of Osama Bin Laden, relations between US and Pakistan have gone from bad to worse. The ... tags: arrival Chicago diplomacy export festival Nadeem Yaqub Pakistan

Internet and Terrorism

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man who admits to killing 77 people last month, allegedly contributed to a range of online neo-Nazi, ... tags: fundamenatlist Internet Norway Terrorism Urdu VOA Voice of America

African American Ramadan

Nadeem Yaqub / Manaa Rabiee As the month of Ramadan begins, many millions of Muslims around the world are joining in a collective fast ... tags: African-American Muslims Islamic tradition Ramadan Urdu VOA Voice of AmericaAfrican-American Muslims

US Energy Resources

Nadeem Yaqub, Urdu VOA News, Washington.US is one of the top energy consumers in the world. Energy use in the US is divided among three ... tags: David Catarious gas consumption in US Nadeem Yaqub US energy consumption US energy resources VOA news Will Rogers

Pakistan India Confidence Building Measures

Nadeem YaqubUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in New Delhi at a time when a Pakistani delegation is visiting India as a ... tags: Dhruva Jaishankar India Pakistan talks Nadeem Yaqub Pak-India talks SAIS VOA news Walter Anderson

US Military Changes in Afghanistan

Nadeem Yaqub, Urdu VOA News, Washington.Almost ten years back Taliban were ousted from Kabul as a result of Operation Enduring Freedom ... tags: 10 years of Afghan war Afghan strategy Lawrence Korb Nadeem Yaqub Peter Tomsen troops surge VOA news

War on Terror - Pakistan

Nadeem YaqubThe US has announced that its blocking military aid to Pakistan. The announcement comes at a time when US plans to shift its ... tags: Brian Fishman military operation in FATA Nadeem Yaqub US aid to Pakistan US military strategy US-Pakistan relations VOA news

World at 7 Billion

Nadeem Yaqub, Urdu VOA News, Washington.The world decided to observe World Population Day in 1989 in order to focus attention on the ... tags: Dr. David Lam Jose Migeul Guzman Nadeem Yaqub Population increase VOA news World at 7 billionDr. David Lam