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Play Some Schtuff - Wave Race 64 (N64)

One of my favorite games for the N64 back in the day, and a fitting way for Play Some Schtuff to kick off 2012. - tags: 64gamejetmultimediajayNintendoPlayRace

My Teenaged Keyboard :-P

Some would consider a Casio keyboard to be a cheap chunk of plastic, but this cheap chunk of plastic still works after 13 years. -P tags: CasioKeyboardMIDImultimediajayMusical KeyboardSynthesizerWK-1250

Is College A Scam? (RadioStyle)

Been hearing a lot about 'The College Scam' lately so I decided to chime in on it. Basically, I believe college only becomes a scam if you ... tags: AssociatesBachelorsCollegeDegreeDegreesFraudmultimediajay

DIY Security Envelopes

So.... I messed up the last time I bought envelopes and didn't get security envelopes, then I messed up again and still didn't get security ... tags: DIYDo It YourselfEnvelopesmultimediajaySecurity

Gaming Video News

Have I been watching too many gaming videos and too many videos by The Onion Maybe. - tags: GamingmultimediajayNewsRandomVideo

Interview With The Computer

Zabaware's Ultra Hal Assistant is a chat robot/personal digital assistant program that's supposed to be able to hold a conversation if you ... tags: AssistantChatComputerComputer ProgramHalInterviewmultimediajay

Games That Remind Me Of Other Games - Skyrim...

I've been playing through Skyrim since it came out on 11/11/11, but as I've played through it, I noticed that certain things in the game ... tags: ElderGamesJayMashupMultimediamultimediajayOcarina

Bureaucrats Gone Mad - A Tale Of Business Buffoonery

I figured I'd take XtraNormal for a spin just for the heck of it. I've certainly seen enough of these goofy videos going around lately. -D ... tags: Bureaucracy Bureaucrat Jay MultimediaBureaucracyBureaucratJay

Rockin' Them Mics!!!

Responding to a question about microphones in DIY multimedia setups like what I fiddle with, I have a retrospective of sorts and talk about ... tags: Jay Microphones MultimediaJayMicrophonesMultimediamultimediajay

Remembering Steve

In memory of Steve Jobs. The Apple II and Macintosh were the first types of computers I ever used on a regular basis. Apple IIs introduced ... tags: Jay Jobs Multimedia Remembering SteveJayJobs

Sadistic Gravity Mage 2006 (Retro Reel)

Continuing the 5 Year Milestone Retro Reel stuff, I went digging around for the oldest YouTube video I could find, and this was it. This ... tags: Cliff Gravity Jay Mage Morrowind Multimedia Racer

Weekend Tech Ponderings 10/9/2011 (RadioStyle)

Technology. Sometimes it makes you feel old. Sometimes it makes you feel like an ass. Sometimes both. -P Related Links Weird Al - It's All ... tags: Jay Multimedia Ponderings Radio Style TechnologyJay