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Parenting And The Internet - 03 - Intermission And "News Break" (RadioStyle)

For three weeks I waited for social media headlines to drop off in the news. It never happened. This issue just isn't going away... -P If ... tags: InternetIssuesMediamultimediajayOnlineParentingradiostyle

Drive "Enclosure" Or Drive Hookup?

Soooooo...... this drive enclosure stuff. What's it for Enclosuring old drives o tags: Disk EnclosureDriveEnclosureHookupmultimediajay

Fiddling With NovaBench

NovaBench is a freeware computer benchmarking program that lets you benchmark PC hardware, get a combined score based on various ... tags: AtiBenchmarkBenchmark (computing)ComputerHardwareLaptopmultimediajay

Building A Computer For Dad - Part 1 - The Hardware Hookup

I've had this computer sitting around for long enough. Time to make it into a decent system so my Dad can be liberated from his crappy ... tags: ComputerDadHardwaremultimediajay

"Soap Scum Bathroom Cleaner?" :-P

Details matter in presentations, even on seemingly mundane stuff like product labels... -D tags: BathroomCleanermultimediajayScumSoap

Time To Make Some DIY Jewel Cases

...storing PC game discs on an empty CD-R spool is a bad idea. -P tags: CasesCDCD-ROMDIYDVDDVD-ROMJewel

Jay Vs. The Technician's Jinx

Every so often I've seen old programs install really really slowly in Windows 7 64. I found a way to fix all of that, but when I tried to ... tags: ComputerHardwareInstallsJinxMicrosoft WindowsmultimediajayPC

Computer Card Cartridge Game Common Ground

Two technologies - decades apart - but one common issue - and a tongue-twister... - tags: CardCartridgeComputerGamemultimediajay

Parenting And The Internet - 01 - A RadioStyle Special

Over the past several months I've been seeing stories in the news about young people doing naive stuff online that comes back to haunt ... tags: InternetIssuesmultimediajayParentingradiostyle

Parenting And The Internet - 02 - Social Media Or Social Mythos? (RadioStyle)

Social Media has taken off like a rocket in recent years, but are all these people using these sites properly informed Or are they just ... tags: InternetIssuesMediamultimediajayOnlineParentingradiostyle

State Of The Channel Discussion 2012 (RadioStyle)

The idea's not all that original, but after seeing several channels do something like this and since it's been a long time since I ... tags: 2012ChannelDiscussionmultimediajayOfStateThe