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Muhammad Atif interview with MQM Leader Farooq Sattar

Muhammad Atif talks with MQM leader Farooq Sattar about Pakistan-US relations. tags: Farooq SattarMQMMuhammad AtifPakistanUSVoice of America

Ikram Sehgal on Pakistan/US/Afghanistan

Muhammad Atif Mr. Sehgal said that the Afghan National Security Forces ANSF are not ready to take over. There is a question on their ... tags: AfghanistanIkram SehgalMuhammad AtifPakistanUSVoice of America

Iran Nukes Advances

Iran Nukes Advances Muhammad Atif/Al Pessin International pressure is mounting to convince Iran not to build a nuclear weapon. Iran has ... tags: Al PessinIran Nukes AdvancesMuhammad AtifPakistanUSVoice of America

New Hampshire Primary Preview

Muhammad Atif, Washington DC In US politics, six Republicans vying to be their party's presidential nominee face a crucial test Tuesday in ... tags: Muhammad AtifNew Hampshire PrimaryPakistanurduvoanewsVoice of AmericaWashington DC

GOP South Carolina

Muhammad Atif, Washington Iowa front runner Mitt Romney has marked victory in New Hampshire also and that too with a big margin. Although ... tags: GOPMatthew DowdMuhammad AtifPakistanSouth CarolinaUnited Statesurduvoanews

Washington Bike Share

Muhammad Atif Many western countries are encouraging their citizens to ride a bicycle to work, which would help having fewer cars on the ... tags: BicycleBikeshareBikingMuhammad AtifTrafficurduvoanewsWashington DC

Climate Change Science

The first decade of this century was the hottest on record. Polar ice is melting. Global sea levels are rising. And the vast majority of ... tags: Climate Change Sciencefossil fuelsglobal warminggreenhouse gasesMuhammad AtifPolar icesea levels


The UN nuclear watchdog says Iran has obtained enough sensitive material and expertise that it could build a nuclear weapon relatively ... tags: IAEA Iran Muhammad Atif Nuclear urduvoa VOA Voice of America

Afghanistan Beyond 2014

US and NATO combat forces are set to leave Afghanistan by 2014. Afghanistan's neighbors and western countries are working to ensure their ... tags: Afghanistan Asif Ali Zardari Caroline Wadhams Hamid Karzai Haqqani group ISI Michael OHanlon

Financing Pakistan's Development

The Government of Pakistan acquired 1.2 billion dollars in American aid in the last financial year. But energy and economic crises remain ... tags: Abid Hasan Economic aid economic challenges International funding Kerry Luger Bill Kerry Luger Burman Bill Muhammad Atif

Pakistan's Stability and Regional Security

Muhammad Atif, Urdu VOA News, Washington. President Barack Obama criticized Pakistan for ties to 'unsavory characters' opposed to American ... tags: Muhammad AtifMusharrafobama