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Moodle Roundup

Sourcenbsp skimming my RSS feed for Moodle resources, these jumped out at me most are from the awesome work Joseph Thibault is doing at ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversations

Podcast - #Moodle Mayhem - Josh Davis @diben

TitlenbspBuilding a Moodle Community, One Classroom at a TimeGuestnbspJosh Davis ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleMayhemPodcast

Conditional Activities in #Moodle 1.9 and 2.0

Isn't it neat to learn something new every day I was thrilled to see this question from Joel B. about conditional activities in MoodleI ... tags: MoodleMoodle2TipMoodleConversationsMoodleTip

Backing Up and Restoring a #Moodle Course

ProblemI had one of our techs zip our 8th grade assessment course so I could share it, but the zip is 101MB. nbspIs that normal nbspIt ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleTip

Video - Converting Moodle Database from MyISAM to INNODB @moodlerific

Although I've written about the reasons why, as well as how to do the conversion, to go from MyISAM type of MySQL database to INNODB here, ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleTip

#Moodle Administration Workshop

During the month of May, I'll be facilitating a Moodle administration course. The preliminary agenda, which appears at, is ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversationsTechTips

Teach 40+ Students Online in K-12 and Save Money on Teachers! #txedbudget #moodle #onlinelearning ...

Source EdutopiaOnline learning...the disruptive innovation that's shaking up schools. There are already plenty of blended online/F2F ... tags: MoodleMoodleConversationsOnlineLearningtxedbudget

Molly Valdez Visits Ohio - Virtually

Listen to Molly ValdezEarlier today, one of my teammates took the opportunity to share what one large urban school district is doing ... tags: EducationMoodleMoodleConversationsOnlineLearningPodcast

Podcast 4 - Ian Wild #Moodle Mayhem

Listen to Moodle Mayhem Podcast 4 - Ian David WildRemember, you ... tags: EducationMoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleMayhemPodcast

Podcast 3 Part 2 - #Moodle Mayhem Continues Chat with Julian Ridden

Listen to Part 2 of Moodle Mayhem Chat with the infamous Julian 'Moodleman' RiddenThis past Sunday, Moodle Mayhem Podcast Co-hosts Diana ... tags: EducationMoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleMayhemPodcast

Podcast - Classroom 2.0 LIVE - #Moodle Mayhem Conversation Available

You can now find Classroom 2.0 LIVE - Moodle Mayhem Recording available onlineListen to Recording via one of these venuesElluminate ... tags: Educationliveclass20MoodleMoodleConversationsPodcast

Moodle Mayhem Podcast #3 - Interview with Julian Ridden

Listen to Julian 'Moodleman' RiddenAlternate download link for audioThis past Sunday, Moodle Mayhem Podcast Co-hosts Diana Benner and ... tags: EducationMoodleMoodleConversationsMoodleMayhemPodcast