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Modified Cars Videos - 4 by Popular

Season 1 - Episode 12 (Mounting Speakers, Boston SL60, Holden Commodore)

Sam introduces the new segment, 'NSayne Hands' showing a hands-on approach to fitting car audio equipment. Brett talks about the correct ... tags: boston_sl60car_audiocar_enthusiastEducationalholden_commodorehotted_upmelbourne

Season 1 - Episode 13 (Subs for small boots, Image Dynamics ID8 V3, Boot fascias, GTS Monaro)

Brett suggests a solution for building an appropriate sub woofer solution if you have a small boot space and would like to maximise it.An ... tags: boot_fasciacar_audiocar_enthusiastEducationalgts_monarohotted_upid8_v3

Season 2 - Episode 1 (Budgeting installs, Audison BitOne, Alpine Chrysler 300C)

Brett talks us through what to consider before emabarking on a sound system installation, especially from a budgeting point of view.The ... tags: 300calpineaudisonAutos_and_Vehiclesbitonebudgetcar_audio

Season 2 - Amplifiers, Fibreglass Sub Box, Honda NSX

Brett talks about the differences between a dedicated amplifier and an inbuilt amplifier in a head unit.Sam covers building a custom ... tags: amplifiersAutos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiastfibreglass_sub_boxhonda_nsxmelbourne

Season 2 - Speakers, Fibreglass Sub Box, BMW X5 Limo

In this episode, Brett talks about the difference between factory standard speakers versus high quality speakers in the Brett Files.We ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclesbmw_x5car_audiocar_enthusiastfibreglass_sub_boxhotted_upmelbourne

Season 2 - Installing a Tonno Lid Kit

Sam and Brett shows us how to install a Tonno Lid Kit from AKI.Brett talks about sub woofers in this week's Brett files. tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiasthotted_upinstallationmelbournemodified

Season 2 - Speaker wiring, Dodge Challenger SRT8

Brett talks about the speaker wiring products.Sam and Brett show us how the Tonno Lid Kit is adjusted correctly.Brett reviews an in-car ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiastdodge_challenger_srt8hotted_upmelbournemodified_cars

Season 2 - Pretuning Amps, Applying Roadkill, SUV Limo

Brett discusses why pretuning an amplifier is important, how to do it, and the pitfalls to look out for.Sam shows us how to apply sound ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiastford_suv_limohotted_upmelbournemodified_cars

Season 2 - Correct wiring, Applying Roadkill pt2, Ford Focus XR5 Turbo

Brett shows us the correct way to do wiring for your car speakers.We conclude how to apply Roadkill in NSayne Hands.And Sam shows us ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiastford_xr5hotted_upmelbournemodified_cars

Season 2 - Connecting a head unit, custom kick panels, and DUBZ

Brett shows us the correct way to connect a head unit and working with wires.Sam works on custom kick panels in NSayne Hands.A Jeep Patriot ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiasthead_unitjeep_patriotkick_panelsmelbourne

Season 2 - Sound Waves, JDMCOP, MINTXM

Brett discusses sound waves and the importance of correctly positioning the sub box in your car to produce optimal performance.The boys ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescar_audiocar_enthusiastexotic_kustomshotted_upjdmcopmelbourne

Season 2 - Capacitors, JDMCOP, DUBZ

Brett talks about the use of capacitors for drawing power for your sounds system, rather than direct from the battery.The JDMCOP continues ... tags: Autos_and_Vehiclescapacitorscar_audiocar_enthusiastdubzhotted_upjdmcop