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[SFM Tutorial] Resizing Models in Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker recently updated to allow models to be resized, This tutorial shows you how to use it. SFM Steam discussions Filmers of ... tags: AnimationbroniesbronycgiHow-tomlpmy_little_pony

[SFM Ponies] Drink Me

Yay for valve updates. _ I may or may not have borrowed a sound effect or two. cough but if i did i promise to return them when I'm done... ... tags: bronycmcflight_finishmlpmy_little_ponys04e05Scootaloo

The Brony Community (Part 3)

FOLLOW BUY THE 'GENERIC BRONY' SHIRT UK US FEATURING CHARACTERS BASED ON Mic The Microphone - General Mumble - Brony Musicians - ... tags: mlpmlp_fimpart_3the_brony_community


Shake it Dashie Have a gif. Song Project Rainbow by MusicalPony tags: bronydanceDaring_Dodaring_dontmlpmy_little_ponyponies

Random Is Magic (Re-edit)

Instead of moving all the random humor clips I had done here individually, I decided to cut them all together into one video. as well as a ... tags: broniesbronyDiscworldfimfreddyfriendship_is_magicmlp

Castle is OP

from Episode 3 Castle Mane-ia Listing Star Wars episode 3 Hunchback of Notre Dame Gargoyles theme Gi-Joe psa Knowing is half the battle ... tags: castle_mane-iadarth_vader_nomaneiaManiamlpmy_little_ponynicolas_cage_bees

[SFM Ponies] Timecane

Twicane shall live on. Cane model Twi's room, SFM Steam discussions Filmers of Equestria steam group Open Source Filmmaker Group ... tags: mlpmy_little_ponyprincess_twilights04e01s04e02scepterseason_4

Celestia is OP

I know I was the only one to think of it while watching the season 4 premiere two parter 'princess twilight' tags: dbzdragon_ball_zDuelgokulunamlpmy_little_pony

[Song] Pony Dash - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Pony Dash surpassera Nyan Cat. Provient de ' My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Episode 26 Season 1 ' The Best Night Ever tags: BestdashEverfrienshipmagicmlpMy_Little_Pony

[SFM Ponies] Season 4

You ready for the flood Music Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss parody of 2001 A Space Odyssey in case you were wondering Fonts ... tags: 2001alicornbroniesbronymlpmy_little_ponyseason_4

[SFM Ponies] Fallout Equestria

Just a short teaser trailer, not for anything I'm working on, but for the story in general. Gave me the chance to try out a few things. I ... tags: bronyequestriaFalloutfanficMacintoshmlpmy_little_pony

[SFM Ponies] Hay

I love sfmphys, so awesome. You can find it here and find a tutorial of it here Also can't say enough about Nahka's great work on the ... tags: applejackbroniesbronymlpmy_little_ponyponiesRainbow_Dash