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Aubrey Plaza Stares Down Joe Biden

Cast member Aubrey Plaza April Ludgate shares a story about confronting Vice President Joe Biden when she was a high school student. Adam ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerAnn_PerkinsApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaAziz_Ansari

Amy Poehler On Creating Leslie Knope

Series creators/executive producers Michael Schur and Greg Daniels say they developed the show with cast member Amy Poehler Leslie Knope in ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerAnn_PerkinsApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaAziz_Ansari

Favorite Fictional Characters

The cast answers an audience question about their favorite fictional characters. Amy Poehler Leslie Knope says that she, Aziz Ansari Tom ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerAnn_PerkinsApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaAziz_Ansari

Creating April Ludgate

Series creator/executive producer Michael Schur describes an awkward encounter with cast member Aubrey Plaza April Ludgate that inspired ... tags: Amy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaAuditionCastingChris_Pratt

Chris Pratt Praises Amy Poehler

Cast member Retta Donna talks about improvising and says that Chris Pratt Andy Dwyer cracks up everyone at table reads. Chris credits Amy ... tags: Amy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerChris_PrattComedyDonnaImprovImprovising

The Future of Andy and April

Series creator/executive producer Michael Schur hints at some future developments with on-screen couples, including Andy and April played ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaBen_WyattCharacter

Parks and Recreation: Chances of Renewal for Another Season

Cast member Amy Poehler Leslie Knope talks about the importance of support from fans while the show was on hiatus. Moderator Michael ... tags: Amy_PoehlerBackground_ActorsComedyDonnaExtrasFansGreg_Daniels

Parks and Recreation: Rashida Jones On Playing the Straight Man

Cast member Rashida Jones Ann Perkins talks about playing the only 'sane' character on the show and teases that some big changes are in the ... tags: Amy_PoehlerAnn_PerkinsAziz_AnsariComedyInventionsKnow_Your_BooLeslie_Knope

Parks and Recreation: Making Changes After Season One

Cast member Aziz Ansari Tom Haverford talks about the brief first season. Adam Scott Ben Wyatt jokes with Amy Poehler Leslie Knope about ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAziz_AnsariBen_WyattComedyFirst_SeasonKissing

Parks and Recreation: Rob Lowe Joins the Cast

The cast raves about new addition Rob Lowe Chris Traeger. Rashida Jones Ann Perkins says that Rob is so good looking, it's impossible to ... tags: Adam_ScottAnn_PerkinsApril_LudgateAubrey_PlazaAziz_AnsariBen_WyattChris_Traeger

Parks and Recreation: A Wish List of Guest Stars

Cast member Amy Poehler Leslie Knope says that she'd like to see Louis C.K. Dave Sanderson and Adam Scott Ben Wyatt in a scene together. ... tags: Adam_ScottAmy_PoehlerAndy_DwyerAziz_AnsariBen_WyattBill_MurrayChris_Pratt