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Inside PR 2.88: Email. The Bane of our Workday.

Are you struggling to keep up with all the email you receive Is email totally broken as a productivity toolTwo recent posts by Fred Wilson ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingemailFredWilsonGiniDietrichJosephThornleyManagement_Marketing

Jon Heder and Nick Peterson's Kickstarter Project

MG Siegler interviews producer Jon Heder and director Nick Peterson on the short film they hope to fund through Kickstarter. tags: Arts_Filmmakingcreative_funding_siteFundingindependent_film_kickstarterinterviewsFundingJon_Hederjon_heder_interview

John Doerr Talks About His Social Application Fund

MG Siegler talks with Kleiner Perkins' John Doerr about his new 250 million social applications fund sFund. tags: applicationBusiness_WebDoerrfacebook_sfundfundinterviewsJohnJohn

The IPhone 4 AntennaGate Debate

John Gruber, Mike Arrington, Jason Kincaid and MG Siegler discuss the Apple press conference about iPhone 4 antenna issues and who loves ... tags: antennaAntennaGateDebateiPhoneiphone_4_issuesJason_KincaidJohn_Gruber

Dom Leca on Sparrow's Social Email Solution

MG Siegler talks to Dom Leca about Sparrow's success with their email and their new social email. tags: 2011Business_WebCityDisruptdisrupt_ny_2011DomDom_Leca

MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid Recap Disrupt NYC Day 3

OMG/JK presenters MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid recap the events of the morning at Disrupt New York City 2011 day 3. tags: 2011Business_WebCityDayDisruptdisrupt_ny_2011Jason_Kincaid

Startup Battlefield Session 5 Recap

Sarah Lacy and Leena Rao discuss the startups that presented their products on session 5 of the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt New York ... tags: 2011BattlefieldBusiness_WebCityDisruptDisrupt_Backstagedisrupt_ny_2011

TechCrunch Now: iPhone 4 Antenna and Sales

Evelyn Rusli, MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid discuss the iPhone 4 antenna and sales, Matthew Papakipos leaving Google for Facebook, and ... tags: AntennaDiscussionEvelyn_RuslifacebookgoogleinterviewsIPhoneiPhone

TWiTWiT 247: Meanie Mac Raid (Corrected Copy)

Your companion piece for TWiT 247 Made In America us on Twitter thisWEEKinTWiTLeave your comments at for listening tags: cali_lewisjason_ungerjohn_c._dvorakleo_laportemg_sieglernoah_wolfeowen_jj_stone

SAY Media CEO Matt Sanchez Talks About His Company's Name Change

VideoEgg buys SixApart and renames itself SAY Media. MG Siegler finds out why they changed their name from CEO Matt Sanchez. tags: Business_WebchangeMattCompanyHisMattmatt_sanchezmatt_sanchez_interview

The Apple Podcast Ep 59 Subscriptions

This episode include 1 Apple's announcement of the terms fo subscriptions in the App store 2 Googles announcement of OnePass subscription ... tags: 3g_chips4_inch_screenantitrustapplegoogleipadiwork