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Studio Guest Jörg Fritz from Berlin | Tomorrow Today

DW-TV Jrg Fritz, How much damage could a space rock of a small size do tags: asteroidsdamageDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVFritzGermany

Studio Guest Jörg Fritz | Tomorrow Today

Studio Guest Jrg Fritz from Berlins Museum of Natural History tags: asteroidsDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVFritzGermanyimpact

Ice Core Shows Evidence Of Ancient Meteorite Impact

According to data collected from ice cores being studied by Harvard University researchers working in Greenland, there may have been a ... tags: coresgreenlandharvardicemeteoritesNewsresearch

Crash d'une météorite géante en Russie - Pluie de météorites et panique ...

Le 15 fvrier 2013 la ville de Tcheliabinsk aura vcu un cauchemar avec la chute sur les montages de la chane de l'oural proximit d'une ... tags: deExplosionMétéoreMétéoritemeteoritesOuralpluie

Raw: Suspected Meteor at Argentina Concert

Concert-goers in northern Argentina were this week treated to a light show with a difference. A suspected meteor lit up the night sky early ... tags: AmericaandCaribbeanLatinmeteoritesMeteorsSouth

Travel Guide: Oman

In this Presents video, we continue our travel series with a look at the Sultanate of Oman, which is an the Arab state in southwest Asia ... tags: asiaculturedestinationfoodmeteoritesomanshab

Asteroid Buzzes, Misses Earth _ Unlike Meteor

A 150-foot asteroid hurtled through Earth's backyard Friday, coming within an incredible 17,150 miles and making the closest known flyby ... tags: andAsteroidsAstronomyEasternEuropemeteoritesMeteors

NASA | Visions of Goddard

Excerpts from 14 short films about NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Like our videos Subscribe to NASA's Goddard Shorts HD podcast ... tags: climateDNAearthgoddardGPMGSFCice

Britain Bags a Bit of Mars

Scientists at the Britain's Natural History Museum in London say this 1-kilogramme chunk of space rock they keep in tin foil is one of the ... tags: BagsBitBritainbritainshistorylondonMars

MoonFaker: Moon Rocks Revisited. Episode 11, Tranquillityite Found In Australia

Over the past month I have received quite a few emails from people telling me about the recent discovery of Tranquillityite in dolerite ... tags: 11anorthositearmalcoliteAustraliaAustralianbasaltBirger

Study: Earth's Surface Gold Came from Space

Scientist publish a theory explaining the abundance of gold and other precious metals on Earth. They say the metal came from space in a ... tags: earth_goldgoldgold_from_spaceHealthmeteoritesprecious_metalsscience_news

NASA | DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space

NASA-funded researchers have evidence that some building blocks of DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for life, found ... tags: adenine astrobiology chris smith dna earth genetics guanine