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Does Shahrukh Khan's Blonde Hair Suit Him ?

Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly mesmerizing the audience with his evergreen charm even today but what hits on a ...

Month-old panda cub meets media in China

A one month-old panda cub is unveiled to the media in China, with zookeepers measuring its weight, temperature and heart rate. Report by ...

London Zoo's annual weigh-in for 16,000 animals

London Zoo has begun chasing all its 16,000 animals, birds and insects onto scales as part of the annual weigh-in. Report by Fosterso. Like ... tags: animalsEuropeLondonmeasuredmeasurementsnaturepenguin

What is Your Time Worth?

02/09/12 - We all know about rock n' roll, but do you know how to rock your ROI Determining your return on investment is ... tags: BusinessCalculatingConversionCRMInvestmentManagementMarketing

How Pollen Counts Are Measured

Meteorologists don't just predict thunderstorms and sunny days. They can actually predict allergies. Find out how they do it. tags: air_qualityAreCountseverwellhay_feverHealth_AllergiesHow

You Just Got Tape Measured! Contest- Until 8/14/09

READ DESCRIPTIONPost a video like this or that has something to do with a tape mesure and you and make sure it has YJGTM in the ... tags: commercialContestcontest!donovanetcetcetcetcGot

Head Case: How Big is Kevin Nealon?

Dr. Goode asks Kevin Nealon for his exact 'size.' Find out what it is on Head Case, Friday May 1 at 10pm E/P on Starz. Starz Head Case ... tags: "Alexandra"basketball"Head"Kevin"shoeCase"chart"

How do nail penny measurements work?

Nails are measured by a unit called a penny. This podcast from explains what the penny designation means -- and where it ... tags: brainstuffdiameterhowstuffworksmeasuredmeasurementnailnails

Learn The System to Create Your "Vital Stats Dash": Lessons From a Thermocouple

I felt like a Rock Star this weekend when I changed the water heater's thermocouple. Gettin' down and dirty learning things hands on made ... tags: AltitudeBusinessDashEbenGetguruInstruments

Gary Busey's famous Buseyisms

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 135444 -0800Go inside the mind of Gary Busey. Here Gary talks about his famous Buseyisms, elephants, and the benefits of ... tags: achievesawarenessbuseybusinesscallconnectedelephants