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Behind the Scenes of Marvel Anime's Iron Man and Wolverine

Iron Man and Wolverine are in the house Alison Haislip and Blair Butler go behind the scenes of G4's Marvel Anime series with Milo ... tags: adrian_pasdaralison_haislipanimated_Iron_manAnimated_WolverineAnimeanime:Attack

X-Men - Hisako's Mutant Power Awakens

\n \n X-Men While she and Emma Frost are under assault from one of the U-Men, Hisako discovers she has mutant powers--and not a ... tags: AndAssaultAwakenEmmaEntertainmentFantasyHisako

Hisako's Mutant Power Awakens

While she and Emma Frost are under assault from one of the U-Men, Hisako discovers she has mutant powers--and not a moment too soon. Check ... tags: assaultawakenemmahisakoMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_X-Menpower

Marvel Anime: On the Run!

While Cyclops and Wolverine are being chased by evil robots, Beast and Storm have some ideas on how to stop them. Can they slow the ... tags: beastcyclopsevil_robotsfriendsMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_X-MenSci_Fi_and_Fantasy

X-Men: Storm Saves a Cruise Ship

Professor X heads for Cerebro 2.0 to make a call to Storm, who is busy taking care of pirates while on a leisure cruise. No one messes with ... tags: Marvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_X-MenSci_Fi_and_Fantasy

Emma Frost Mutates Again

During an escape and trying to protect Hisako, Emma mutates again and shows us a ary power That doesn't stop the X-Men from being attacked, ... tags: emma_frostMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_X-MenmutatesSci_Fi_and_Fantasy

The Tracker Gets Tracked

As Iron Man's hunts for missing nuclear materials, he is in turn being followed by a mystery motocyclist and Nanani, an overly enthusiastic ... tags: AnimationIron_ManMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_Iron_Man

Iron Man Battles Zodiac's Robot

Accused of attempting to smuggle plutonium into Japan aboard an undefended cargo ship, Tony Stark as Iron Man infiltrates the ship only to ... tags: accusedAnimationattackedcancercargo_shipcrime_cartelfight

Logan Meets Yukio

Wolverine gets rescued from Shingen's wrath by the mysterious Yukio, who shares her own history with the ruthless Yakuza crime boss. tags: Animationcrime_bosshistoryMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_WolverinerescueWolverine

Tony Stark Just Wants to Help

After a Japanese disaster, Tony Stark only wants to help in the relief effort, but all he gets from the front line emergency help is a ... tags: AnimationcardisasteremergencyhelpIron_Manjapanese

Cornering Hideki

There's a fire and a couple of satchels full of drugs. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for our old friend to bring a drug kingpin to his ... tags: AnimationdangerousdrugskingpinMarvel_AnimeMarvel_Anime:_Wolverinesatchels