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Martin Luther King Videos - 4 by Popular

"I have a dream": Obama célèbre les 50 ans du discours de Martin Luther King

Barack Obama a salu, ce mercredi, Martin Luther King, 50 ans aprs son discours 'I have a dream'. Le prsident des tats-Unis a salu l'hritage ...

Wednesday Marks 50 Year Anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream Speech'

Wednesday marked the 50 year anniversary of the biggest demonstration ever held in Washington D.C. history as well as Martin Luther King's ...

Leaders Honor Martin Luther King

Fifty years after the 'I have a dream speech,' America's first black president stood poignantly on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in ...

Flash mob devant la Tour Eiffel

L'organisation antiraciste SOS Racisme organisait mercredi 28 aot un flash mob devant la Tour Eiffel Paris l'occasion des 50 ans du ...

The Golf Channel Regrets Tweet Comparing Golfing to March on Washington

The Golf Channel apologizes for their insensitive tweet comparing golf to civil rights. A rep for the channel issuing a statement to ...

The Golf Channel Shanks a Shot with "I Have a Dream" Tweet

The golf channel decided to join in on the Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech celebrations, but not many people found it very ...

Obama: King's Dream Partly Met, Still Unfulfilled

President Barack Obama is claiming his place in Martin Luther King's 50-year-old dream, holding himself up as a symbol of the change King ...

Obama salue Martin Luther King, mais appelle à la "vigilance"

Le prsident des Etats-Unis Barack Obama a salu mercredi l'hritage de Martin Luther King Jr qui a, selon lui, 'offert le salut aux opprims ...

Barack Obama ehrt Martin Luther King

50 Jahre nach Martin Luther Kings 'I Have A Dream'-Rede hat Prsident Obama in Washington an die Erfolge im Kampf gegen den Rassismus ...

USA ohne Rassismus? Traum von Martin Luther King noch unerfüllt

Mit den Worten 'I Have a Dream' hat Martin Luther King vor 50 Jahren seine Vision von den USA ohne Rassentrennung formuliert. Der schwarze ...

King's 'Dream' Not Yet Realized, Says March On Washington Speaker

The 'dream' of racial equality described by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 50 years ago at the March on Washington has not yet been ... tags: andBarack_ObamaCory_BookerforFreedomJohn_LewisJohn_Lewis_US_politician

Sunday Sound Bite: Lawmakers Revisit MLK's 'Dream'

'Meet the Press' dipped into its archives for a historic interview with Martin Luther King, Jr. tags: abc_this_weekcivil_rightsegyptjohn_lewismartin_luther_kingmlknational_journal