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Ohne Rückfahrtschein: Französin will den Mars besiedeln

Mehr als 200.000 Menschen haben sich bei der niederlndischen Organisation Mars One fr einen Flug zum Roten Planeten beworben. Florence ... tags: besiedelndenFRANKREICHFranzösinMARSMISSIONMARS_ONENIEDERLANDE

Mysterious mars - Earth's older brother | Tomorrow Today - Interview

The Red planet was once a warmer Planet, certainly above freezing on the surface, and that there was perhaps liquid water there. What does ... tags: curiositydeutsche_wellemarsmars-missionRed_planettechnologytomorrow_today

India Launched Its Mars Mission At Cut-rate Costs

India's space agency ISRO spent a mere 75 million to launch a small spacecraft bound for Mars, 140 million miles away. Mangalyaan, Mars ...

Indien startet erste Mars-Mission

Indien hat seine erste eigene Marsmission erfolgreich gestartet Vom Raumfahrtbahnhof Sriharikota an der Sdostkste des Landes hob eine ...

India Set to Launch Mission to Mars

India's space agency is sending a probe to Mars in a bid to become the fourth nation or group to reach the red planet.

ISRO gears for Mars mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO is gearing up for the rehearsal of an ambitious interplanetary venture into Mars. The Mars ...

Multimillionär will Ehepaar zum Mars schicken

Dennis Tito, der 2001 als erster Privatmann die Raumstation ISS besuchte, plant Groes Im Jahr 2018 will er einen Mann und eine Frau in ... tags: bemanntDennisMars-MissionprivatTitozoomin

Mission To Mars: Would You Sign Up For A One-Way Ticket?

HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria examines the risks and benefits of traveling to the red planet. tags: cara_santa_mariacuriosityKnowledge_ScienceMarsmars_500mars_missionmars_rover

Will Curiosity Kill the Rover? NASA Preps For Mars Mission

NASA latest Mars rover, named 'Curiosity,' is equipped with a built-in laboratory, which will allow it to test for evidence of life on Mars. tags: curiositycuriosity_marsmarsmars_launchmars_launch_saturdaymars_missionmars_rover

Mission to Mars a Success - Sort Of

The Mars500 mission sent six men on a simulated mission to Mars to test the psychological strain. Officials say the crew passed with flying ... tags: 520_daysHealthmarsmars500_missionmars_missionmars_simulationmock_mars_mission

NASA's New Rocket would be the Biggest Ever

NASA's newest space vehicle will be the largest and most powerful rocket ever built. The media wonder if NASA will stick with the project. tags: anddeep_space_rocketlargest_rocketmars_missionnasanasa_rocketScience

The Eagle Has Landed - Is Moon Base and Trip to Mars Good Science? Or a Waste of Billions?

\n \n The Eagle Has Landed Supporters of President George W. Bush's 2004 proposal for a permanent base on the Moon and a manned ... tags: Apollo_11Apollo_ProgramAstronautsBuzz_AldrinCapsuleEntertainmentExploration