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Regis Philbin With Marlo Thomas

Entertainer and TV Icon Regis Philbin answers questions ranging from career advice to how he met his wife. Part of the series Mondays with ... tags: careerscareer_advicecombating_bullying.entertainmentindustryMarlo_ThomasMarriage_Advice

How to Tell Your Husband He's Avoiding You

In this YourTango's Ask an Expert, Carin Goldstein gives an advice to a woman whose husband avoids her. tags: AvoidingbedCarincouple_therapycrashesGoldsteinHowHe's

Can Jealousy in Marriage Be Good or Bad

Is being jealous helpful or harmful to a relationship Find out what these real couples from think of the green-eyed monster, ... tags: CanDamageGoodJealousyJelousyMarriageMarriage_Advice

How to Complain Constructively to Your Partner

Tired of having your complaints fall on deaf ears Relationship expert Terrence Real has four simple steps to help you complain ... tags: ComplainComplainingConstructivelycorrectcouples_therapyHowhowdiniHow

How to Get What You Want from Your Partner

Do you sometimes feel that it's his world, and you're just vacuuming in it Here's how to get what you want from your partner, according to ... tags: communication_in_marriagefromGetgetting_along_betterHowhowdinihusbandHow

How to Deal with a TV Battle

Is he not a fan of the Kardashians Does she hate sitting through fighting matches Watch to see how these couples from The Nest deal with ... tags: Battlebattle_over_tvDealdealinghappy_marriageHowMarriage_Advice

How to Handle Hating Your Spouse's Friend

Do you have a friend that your spouse isn't too fond of Find out how these couples from The Nest have handled this sticky situation. tags: dealingFriendHandlehappy_marriageHatingHowMarriage_Advice

Being Silly with Your Spouse

Watch as these couples from The Nest spill about their silly sides and dish on why laughing together makes for a happy marriage. tags: Beingbeing_sillyhappy_marriagelaughing_togetherMarriage_AdvicenestBeingPeople_Relationships

Top Partner Turn-Offs

Wearing socks and underwear at the same time Social networking in the bedroom Does your partner do things that are sure romance killers ... tags: bedbedroomfarting_in_bedhappy_marriageMarriage_AdvicenetworkingPartner