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CSI: - Follow The Destruction

The CSIs use digital technology to search miles of desert to uncover a house that has been abducted tags: CatherinecbscbsepisodecsidetectiveseffectsElisabeth

CSI: - Left to Bleed Out

Finlay is convinced that their current victim was stabbed and then left to bleed out. tags: CatherinecbscbsepisodecsidetectiveseffectsElisabeth

CSI: - You Ask, They Tell: George Eads

What CBS show does George Eads want 'CSI' to do a crossover with What did he do over hiatus What's the cure for Bieber fever Find out the ... tags: askBieberCatherinecbscbsepisodecsiDanson

Thu, Jan 26, 2012

American Idol auditions march on, Marg Helgenberger leaves CSI and The Morning After removes the laugh track to Are You There, Chelsea ... tags: abcAmericanarebrian_kimmetcbsChelseacomedy

"Are You There, Chelsea" Minus the Laugh Track!

The Morning After removes the laugh track to Are You There Chelsea to see if the jokes are there tags: abcAmericanarebrian_kimmetcbsChelseacomedy

Touch, Dubbed

Brian and Ginger dub FOXs Touch Keifer Sutherland is once again teaming up with numbers in order to save the world tags: abcAmericanarebrian_kimmetcbsChelseacomedy

Top 5, Jan 26

Brian and Ginger bring you American Idol auditions, CSI, a possible Dwight Schrute spinoff and Whitney Plus Are You There Chelsea minus the ... tags: abcAmericanarebrian_kimmetcbsChelseacomedy

CSI: - Countdown to Catherine's Final Episode

Take a trip down memory lane with some of Catherine's greatest moments from her 12 seasons on 'CSI'. Don't miss a moment of Catherine's ... tags: CatherinecbscbsepisodecbseyelabcountdowncsiDanson

CSI - Crime After Crime

This CSI begins with a big bash...3 bodies later, it will end with a shocker Tune in on Wednesday, November 16th at 10/9c on CBS tags: Catherine cbs csi detectives effects fishburne forensics

CSI - Preview: Crime After Crime

When the CSI team investigates three seemingly unrelated murders, they discover someone is getting revenge for cold case murders that were ... tags: Catherine cbs csi detectives effects fishburne forensics