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Bomb attacks across Iraq kill 30, wound nearly 100

Blood spills on the streets of Baghdad with dozens killed in a series of car bomb attacks in Iraq. Car bombs killed at least 30 people ... tags: attackersbusyDeborahkillleastmainlystreets

Iraq suicide blast

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION A suicide bomber driving a minibus blew himself up outside a cafe in a mainly Shi'ite Muslim district of ...

Iraq bomber targets ice cream shop

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION At least five people were killed and 15 others wounded when a car bomb exploded in a predominantly ...

James McAvoy's quiet fame

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Actor James McAvoy says he thinks the next X-Men movie is 'going to be the biggest yet.' McAvoy who ...

Lastest Iraq attacks mainly target Shi'ite Muslim areas

At least 107 people are dead after a series of attacks in 14 cities across Iraq mostly targeting Muslim Shi'ite areas. Authorities say ... tags: areasAttackattackseuronewsIraqLastestmainly

The rage in Spain falls mainly on the pain

The rage in Spain continues as tens of thousands pack Madrid's city centre for a sixth day in protest over austerity measures and crippling ... tags: DemonstrationeuronewsfallsmainlypainrageSpain

Wave of attacks kill over 100 in Iraq

Local residents of Baghdad's Washash district wake Monday morning to wreckage and rubble still littering the streets, after a car bomb ... tags: bloodiestDeadlykillmainlyoneoverrip

Coordinated Iraq bombings kill at least 17 in Iraq

The aftermath of one of a series of deadly bombings that rocked in Iraq on Sunday - targeting mainly police checkpoints.. At least eight ... tags: AndrewbombingsIraqmainlyofficerspeoplepolice

Iraq bomb blasts leave more than 30 dead

Washing the blood off the streets - the clear-up begins after another deadly day of violence in Iraq. Here in Basra, a predominantly ... tags: andareBasrabombdeadIraqimainly

Many trapped in Bangladesh building as toll climbs

PLEASE NOTE EDIT CONTAINS GRAPHIC MATERIAL At least 175 people have been confirmed dead in Bangladesh, after a building housing garment ... tags: 175areBangladeshcomplexleastmainlySarah