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Five Reasons Not To Use Your ISP's Email Service (MacMost Now 655)

01/09/12 for comments and questions When you sign up with an ISP like a cable modem, DSL or mobile provider you are often given a free ... tags: emailispmacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideoportableservice

Using Evernote (MacMost Now 656)

01/11/12 for questions and comments Evernote is a third-party program that allows you to create notes on your Mac or iOS device. These ... tags: evernoteiosipadiphonemacmacmostmacmostnow

Automation Curves In GarageBand (MacMost Now 654)

01/06/12 for comments and questions Automation curves are what let you control volume over time for an individual track or an entire ... tags: automationcurvesgaragebandmacmacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideo

Looking Forward To 2012 (MacMost Now 652)

01/02/12 comments and questions What can we expect from Apple in 2012 Gary makes some predictions and criticizes some rumors. tags: 2012applemacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideopredictions

Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices For Messages and FaceTime (MacMost Now 653)

01/04/12 for comments and questions If you own multiple iOS devices you may want each one to be able to receive its own messages and ... tags: accountsfacetimeiosipadiphoneipodkids

iPhone and iPad AirPlay Mirroring On Your TV (MacMost Now 650)

12/28/11 for questions and comments. You can show your iPad or iPhone screen on your television wirelessly using your Apple TV 2. You ... tags: appleipadiphonemacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideomirror

2011 Apple Year In Review (MacMost Now 651)

12/29/11 comments, questions Review the year in Apple news Mac App Store, iPad 2, iOS 5, Lion, iPhone 4S, iCloud, Steve Jobs and more. tags: 2011applemacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideonews

iWork Numbers Printing Tips (MacMost Now 649)

Go to for comments and questions. You can create nice-looking printouts from Numbers, but the options to do so aren't always ... tags: designformattingiworklayoutmacmacmostmacmostnow

iOS Parental Controls (MacMost Now 648)

12/23/11 Parents of kids who have an iPad or iPod touch may want to know how to control restrictions in iOS Settings. It is fairly ... tags: iosipadiphoneipodkidsmacmostmacmostnow

Creating a Guest Wi-Fi Network (MacMost Now 640)

12/05/11 If you have an Airport Extreme or a Time Capsule you can create a separate guest network. This appears as a different wi-fi ... tags: airportcapsuleguestmacmacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideo

Capturing Video Still Frames With QuickTime Player (MacMost Now 641)

12/07/11 You can use QuickTime Player in Lion to capture a single frame of video and save it to an image file. By using the Edit, Copy ... tags: captureframeimoviemacmacmostmacmostnowmacmostvideo