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CES 2014: Sony mise sur le son HD - 10/01

Le NWZ-ZX1 est un lecteur audio/vido haut de gamme destin aux amoureux du bon son. Il peut prendre en charge le FLAC, l'Apple Lossless ou ... tags: flacLecteurlosslessmultimédiaportablesonywalkman

Best Computer Chair. Sleep Vs. Hibernate. This Solar Charger Works. Apple TV Getting Cable, Pebble ...

On today's episode, we've got solar chargers worthy of your bug out bag, the best office chairs, a sleep versus hibernate debate and more tags: appleaudiochargerlosslesssolarstreamingtime

Dubba Jonny - Equation 1080p Lossless FULL

Equation off Dubba Jonny's New EP Buy now Images used + All infomation regarding my channel, music, wow, ect = Head to ... tags: 1080pBassDayDownDrumDrum And BassDubba

Understanding Types of Compression

A common misconception is that data compression like MP3 is somehow related to dynamic range compression as shown in the Loudness War clip. ... tags: aacaudiocompressiondatadynamiclosslesslossy

Can Video Quality Be Compromised on YouTube?

09/16/11 Ojmar, a member of the LockerGnome community, asked 'Can video quality be compromised on Youtube' YouTube has a powerful ... tags: avi codec download h.264 lossless media mov

Lossless vs Lossy vs Perceptually Lossless Compression

08/21/11 H.264, Zip, Rar, MJPG are all compression formats. They all offer different modes and compression levels. Knowing when ... tags: brandon-wirtzCompressionh264huffLosslessLossymjpg

NEW BeoSound 5 Encore

5 Encore is Bang Olufsen's elegant plug-n-play solution to having your music close at hand. The new music system gives you a great ... tags: Airplay Airport Express audio hub Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Bluetooth digital music

More Windows 8, Just Use HDMI! Computer Vision Syndrome, TiVo vs WMC, Twitter Photo Search, Monitor ...

Will wireless data caps go away Help calibrating your PC monitor. More Windows 8 features, TiVo vs Windows Media Center, making your PC ... tags: #1_background1080i1080p197820062011_chevrolet_volt720p