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China: police no longer allowed to use torture to get confessions

Chinas supreme court has issued a document saying officials must no longer use torture to extract confessions from suspects.It specified ... tags: allowedChinaChina:confessionsgetlongerpolice

Richie Incognito Merch No Longer Available

Just one day after the Miami Dolphins suspended Richie Incognito indefinitely, the official online team shop has stopped selling all things ...

Le chat acrobate

Ce chat est trs malin Il s'aide des barreaux de la fentre pour longer le bord du mur et rentrer dans sa maison. Dcidment, les animaux ne ...

Herbet The Geek Miley Cyrus's Twerking Makes Me Sick

I Can't Believe What Miley Cyrus Did At The MTV Music Awards. Miley Cryus was so sick and disgusting. It makes me want to up chuck all over ...

This video is no longer available The Day One Garry s Incident Incident

This video is no longer available The Day One Garry s Incident Incident

Calif. proposes drastic pension changes

To close California's pension gap, Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for state employees to pay more and work longer -- as much as 12 years ...

The real-life "Happiness Project"

A new study suggests people who live happier lives live longer. Erica Hill speaks to the author of 'The Happiness Project' Gretchen Rubin ...

Study: Happiness increases longevity

Dr. Holly Phillips speaks to the 'Early Show' anchors about the difference happiness has on reducing the risk of death and well as the ...

Ep. 1080: Where we paint the sixteenth chapel

The days of fast-forwarding through commercials on your DVR may soon come to an end, if Time Warner gets its way. Rants ahoy on today's ...

How To Make Your Blowout Last Longer

Blowouts are a way to get perfect hair at an affordable cost. If you get one done, you'll want to make them last as long as possible and ...