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Mosaic News - 02/24/12: Tunisian President Opposes Saudi Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels

Tunisian president opposes Saudi 'excellent idea' to arm Syrian rebels, worshippers prevent Israeli settlers from breaking into al-Aqsa ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBaba AmrBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/27/12: Yemen's Saleh Formally Steps Down

Yemen's Saleh formally steps down after 33-year reign, Syria approves new constitution as main opposition body splits, tension escalates ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrainBashar al-Assad

Mosaic News - 02/22/12: Ethiopian and Somali Troops Seize Key Al-Shabab Stronghold

Ethiopian and Somali troops seize key al-Shabab stronghold, violence in Syria kills prominent citizen journalist and two foreign ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBaba AmrBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/23/12: Wave of Deadly Attacks Kills over 50 in Iraq

Wave of deadly attacks kills over 50 people in Iraq, world leaders gather in London to discuss Somali issues, Saudi forces arrest ... tags: Afghanistanal-ShababArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadAwamiyah

Mosaic News - 02/17/12: Libyans Celebrate First Anniversary of Uprising

Libyans celebrate first anniversary of uprising against Gaddafi, thousands across the Middle East rally in solidarity with the Syrian ... tags: AfghanistanAl QaedaArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/21/12: Yemen Votes as Violence Erupts in the South

Yemen votes for Saleh's ouster as violence erupts in the south, Palestinian baker held by Israel ends 66-day hunger strike, thousands of ... tags: AfghanistanAmmanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBashar al-Assad

Mosaic News - 02/15/12: Iran Unveils Advances in Uranium Enrichment

Iran unveils its advances in uranium enrichment, Jordanian teachers on strike take to the street for better pay, survey suggests less than ... tags: Ali Abdullah SalehArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBashar al-AssadCrackdown

Mosaic News - 02/16/12: Militias Accused of Wreaking Havoc in Libya

Militias accused of wreaking havoc in Libya on revolt anniversary, Iraq inquiry accuses VP al-Hashemi of running death squads, Yemen's ... tags: Arab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrainBangkokBashar al-Assad

Mosaic News - 02/14/12: Bahrain Blocks Return to Martyrs' Square on Revolt Anniversary

Bahrain blocks return to Martyrs' Square on revolt anniversary, tension high as South Sudan accuses Sudan of air attack, Gaza's sole power ... tags: Ali Abdullah SalehArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadAwamiyahBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/10/12: Support Grows for Palestinian Prisoner on 56th Day of Hunger Strike

Support grows for Palestinian prisoner on 56th day of hunger strike, Free Syrian Army claims responsibility for blasts in Aleppo, Egypt's ... tags: AleppoAli Abdullah SalehArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadAwamiyah

Mosaic News - 02/13/12: Iran Denies Role in Israeli Embassy Attacks

Iran denies role in bomb attacks on Israeli embassies, Pakistani tribesmen protest US drone strikes, Iraqi women's rights activists ... tags: AlgeriaArab LeagueArab Maghreb UnionArab SpringArab WorldBenjamin NetanyahuCrackdown

Mosaic News - 02/08/12: Violence Intensifies in Syria

Bombardment of besieged Syrian city of Homs intensifies, Egypt's prime minister dismisses US aid cutoff threats, al-Shabab claims ... tags: AfghanistanAl-Shebab MovementAli Abdullah SalehArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssad