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Sugar Cain: Candidate Out The Race | Gingrich: High On The Hog [Of Stupidity]

Gallup Obama job approval 41 -51 Video 1 Herman Cain bows out. As much as I detest this man and his comical 9-9-9 plan, Herman ... tags: 2012BarackCainCandidatesCircusCULTFood

[If] You Support Obama, We Ain't Liking You!

Gallup Obama Job Approval 41 - 51 The culture war continues and Republicans armed their troops with hate of the middle class, ... tags: BarackClassConservativeControlCULTCultureDrudge

Big Budget Cuts, Speaks Thou Cult Leader......

Gallup Obama Job Approval 41 -51 Republican nomination Gingrich 36 - Romney 23 Speaks the cult leader, we shall cut the budget ... tags: BudgetCandidateCultCultureCutsFollowingFringe

ABC/Yahoo! News Iowa Debate | Six Rotten Eggs

Gallup Obama Job Approval 44 - 48 Congressional Job Approval 13 - 82 Republican Nomination Gingrich 33 - Romney 23 Iowa Caucus ... tags: $10000ABCBachmannBarackBetCULTDebate

The Most "Ghettoest" Girl I've Known | The Car Ablaze!

Thanks Ashley Clack. Video 1 Without you there wouldn't be a 'hot ghetto mess' Video 2 There's a car fire and guess what I've got the ... tags: AccidentAshleyBadBustBustycarcase

CBS/National Journal Commander-in-Chief Debate | Eight Useful Idiots Guide To WWIII

Gallup Obama Job Approval 44 - 49 Congress Job Approval 13 - 82 Could the Republican presidential candidates be ready for the 3 ... tags: al-Awlaki al-Qaeda Anwar Bachmann Cain CBS Commander-In-Chief

Ron Paul: Obama A "Dictator"! | Republicans: [Ron Paul] Not Electable!

Gallup Obama Job Approval 43 - 48 Fringe presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul R-Texas calls President Barack Obama's ... tags: American Arm Barack Candidate Candidates Chair Conservative

CNBC/Your Money Your Vote Debate: Eight Useful Idiots And The Economy!

Gallup Obama Job Approval 43 - 48 CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University host the Republican candidates. ... tags: 52 53 Bachmann Bartiromo Blame Cain Candidates

NovaCain - Herman Cain Under Fire For Sexual Harassment!

Gallup Obama Job Approval 45 - 48 Herman Cain is now the Republican frontrunner for the nomination. Candidate is facing a ... tags: Bachmann Barack Cain Candidates Clowns CULT Culture

CNN/Western Republican Debate: Obama vs. The Seven Dopes!

Gallup Obama Job Approval 39 - 54 Ok, CNN hosted the Western Republican Presidential Debate. Mitt Romney now is competing for ... tags: Bachmann Batch Biden Cain Congress Do Dopes

Jesse LaGreca: Ambitions Of A Protester | Republicans Wrap Asses In A Culture War Again!

Gallup Poll Obama Job Approval 39 - 53 US Congress Job Approval as of September 15 - 82 Video 1 Occupy Wall Street Protester ... tags: About America Asses Attorney Concerned Culture Darrell