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Leg Videos - 4 by Popular

Big Fight in a car!

Violent fight in a car a guy walking in the street hit another guy in a car. Fist, leg... all in the head.. tags: carfightfisthithit_someonehurtleg

Baby Poops On Father's Leg After Bath

Well, sht. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: bathfunnykidlegpoopedson

Crash Landing | Paragliding #FAIL

This paraglider was coming in hot. As he approached the ground he was going still too fast and had a pretty rough landing. It was ... tags: BoneBrokeBrokenCrashHelicopterKidsLanding

Singer Abhijeet Announces Final Leg Of 'Benadryl Big Golden Voice' Contest

92.7 BIG FM, Indias No. 1 radio network has announced the final leg of its Benadryl BIG Golden Voice contest, a unique and ... tags: AbhijeetBenadrylBhattacharyaBigFinalGoldenLeg

Elastic Leg

This is seriously freaky and the reactions are just priceless. Most of us would do the exact same thing if our leg could bend that way. ... tags: coolellenlegshowtalent

Barbecued Leg Of Lamb Recipe

In this episode of our BBQ cookery series Fire Up The Grill chef Richard Harris shows you how to barbecue a butteflied leg of lamb. tags: dinnerlamblegmeatofroastsalsa

Dog Sacrificed Her Leg to Save Family

A Virginia pit bull saved the lives of her family, but sadly lost her right leg in the process.There's a reason why most owners consider ... tags: accidentsdogfamilyinjuredlegpetsacrifices

Woman Builds Prosthetic Leg Using Legos

A YouTube video is going viral because it shows a woman building a prosthetic leg for herself using only legos Christina Stephens says she ... tags: amputationleglegonewsbreakeroraprosthetictv

Rider with amazing cramp on his leg! Violent!

Poor cyclist... He has a violent cramp on his leg... Violent one tags: amazingbikebikercrampcyclistfunnyleg

Geo FIR-29 Jul 2013-Part 2-A drug edict husband cut his wife's leg to restore his honour!

Geo FIR-29 Jul 2013-Part 2-A drug edict husband cut his wifes leg to restore his honour tags: 201329thcutFIRGeoHusbandJuly