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Learn Magic Tricks Videos - 4 by Popular

How to Catch a Thief! - Scam School

Brian scams the Hak5 crew Watch them learn this classic trick where three objects are stolen and three thieves are rightfully accused. tags: @shwoodandroidbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbeerbluetoothbrian_brushwood

How to CHEAT and Be a Lie Detector! - Scam School

Can you guess what card your friend picked out of a deck by putting them through a bizarre interrogation Maybe - or you can try this much ... tags: @shwoodbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbeerbody_languagebrian_brushwoodbrushwood

Read FIVE MINDS at Once! - Scam School

How do you dupe five people into thinking you can read their minds By correctly guessing which card they've MENTALLY chosen Watch and learn ... tags: @shwoodbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbeerbrian_brushwoodbrushwoodcards

Stuff It, Brian! - Scam School

Watch Brian go from scammer to 'scam-ee' as his pals Andrew Mayne and Justin Robert Young try to predict how many cocktail napkins he can ... tags: @shwoodandrew_manybar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbeerbrian_brushwoodbrushwood

The Indestructable Dollar - Scam School

How do you poke a pen through a dollar bill without leaving a hole To show us how this mind-blowing sleight of hand works, Brian gets some ... tags: @shwoodbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbeerbrian_brushwoodbrushwoodcard

Crazy Coin Illusions! - Scam School

Try to figure out how high a stack of quarters is by just eyeballing it. It's a guessing game that fools them all Bonus trick how many ... tags: @shwoodbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbrian_brushwoodbrushwoodcoinscoin_stack

Magic 101: How to Be a Great Magician

Learn how to be a great magician with this magic tricks tutorial. Expert Ben Nimzer tags: andbar_trickscheesecool_magic_trickscool_trickseasy_magic_tricksfree_magic