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David Lazarus: Privacy 'bill of rights' isn't good enough

Websites should be required to ask for permission before accessing people's data, columnist David Lazarus says. The Obama administration ... tags: internetlazarusNewsprivacy

David Lazarus: Paid time off? The US is no holiday

On this Presidents Day, columnist David Lazarus notes that the typical European country requires that workers get at least 20 days of paid ... tags: Holidaylazaruspresidents day

Rollo - The 7th and Final album of ENOL (FREE DL)

02/16/12 Moving on to better things. tags: andemperorlazarusnortonorangethe

David Lazarus: Payroll tax cut -- and faster gadgets

Consumer columnist David Lazarus says the federal economic package that was just approved has one surprising consequence -- it will be paid ... tags: lazarusnews

David Lazarus: Data theft? There's an app for that

Is your address book community property Some app makers seem to think so, columnist David Lazarus says. More business news at ... tags: appleinternetlazarus

David Lazarus: A trillion here, a trillion there

It never fails to amaze how pathetic Uncle Sam is when it comes to balancing the national checkbook, David Lazarus says. Here's his take on ... tags: budgetdeficitlazarusobamaunited states

David Lazarus: A day for romance ... and spending

Retailers are looking for love on Valentine's day too, columnist David Lazarus notes. But don't let commercial pitches get in the way of ... tags: cardschocolatelazarusloveromancevalentineValentines

David Lazarus: Wireless firms need to unbundle phones

As Sprint reports a loss, consumer columnist David Lazarus asks if wireless companies should unbundle their service plans from the handsets ... tags: CellCell PhoneIphonelazarusMobileMobile PhoneNews

David Lazarus: Mortgage settlement is a good deal

Columnist David Lazarus says pending deal with leading mortgage lenders isn't the best possible outcome for homeowners, but it's probably ... tags: columnlazarusmortgagenewsreal estate

David Lazarus: What the Facebook IPO is all about

Consumer columnist David Lazarus gives his take on the Facebook IPO. tags: facebookipolazarus