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Final Fantasy 9(Blind): Part 14_Beatrix

This bitch gave me a scare, but she's not hard. Now, where is that Mythril sword Shop tags: DaggerFantasyFF9FinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind): Part 1_Fake Ticket

Well you guys voted for here we go. Stop the fucking Sopa Bill tags: FantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind): Part 2_Princess Garnet

Please excuse my horrible reading today. _ Alright..what did I miss today Somebody said something about an elixir. tags: FantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 4_Petrified Forest

I have part 5 recorded. I'll try to get it up today. Does the mythril dagger REALLY increase steal rate a lot This game is fun already. I ... tags: FantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 5_Ice Cavern

Had another game over. didn't expect a 80 HP damage move. somebody suggested that I make a bloopers vid..... tags: FantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 6_My name is Dagger

You guys know how much I hate a lot of dialoge tags: DaggerfantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 7_Black Waltz No. 2

This guy wasn't that hard. Oh..I made this on the same day I record the last I hadn't read any tips by then. tags: FantasyFF9FinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy IX - Trance Kuja (Final Boss, Part 2)

At last, it's time to finally end Kuja once and for all in an epic fight against his Trance form. Plot Nothing new since last video. ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Kuja (Final Boss of Disc 3, Part 2)

It's finally time to take on Kuja and defeat him. The end of this fight before the fight ends, not after happens to be one of the most ... tags: 047 Bizkit Boss Destruction Fantasy FFIX Fight

Final Fantasy IX - Kuja Vs Bahamut (End of Disc 2)

There is no boss fight in this video, just a bunch of awesome scenes, some of which are the best in the game. I thought about cutting out a ... tags: and Bahamut Brahnne Disc End Fantasy FFIX

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