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Why Being a Fan of Losing Teams Can Make You Fat

A new study shows fans of losing NFL teams eat much more of unhealthier foods than their victorious rivals. From buffalo wings to ...

Study Points to New Consciousness Stage During Surgery

A new study shows that sometimes when anesthesia is administered to a patient they can enter a state of semi consciousness where they can ...

Extinct Gods: How Science Forces Religion to Evolve

Extinct Gods How Science Forces Religion to EvolveThe Long Now Foundation - The Long Now FoundationMapping the Frontier of Knowledge with ...

The 10 Basic Categories of All Smells

Just as taste is generally thought to be made up of five basic flavor categories sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami, or savory, ...

How Your Gut Can Make You Drunk

A 61-year-old Texas mans blood alcohol level reached 0.37 percent or 5 times the limit for alcohol while driving even though he never ...

Red Plates Curb Desire to Snack

A recent study showed that by simply putting snacks on a red plate, the amount of them eaten will decrease.Cant stop devouring that ...

Whale Ear Wax Records Animal's History

A 10-inch long piece of earwax from a male blue whale has allowed marine biologists at Baylor University to learn about the life of the ...

Small Animals Perceive Time as Slower

Have you ever wondered how small animals can avoid incoming danger so quickly According to a new study from researchers at Trinity College ...

Left or Right Handedness Might Be Genetic

Somewhere between 5 and 20 percent of the worlds population is left-handed, so most people are right hand dominant, but there is no ...

Evidence of Mankind's Earliest Clothing

While humans may have first gotten the idea of clothing after throwing some animal fur about their shoulders, the mounting evidence paints ...

Scientists Discover Oldest Known Cheese

Scientists now think that the invention of cheese happened thousands of years before it was trendy among the Sumerians and ...

Sense of Smell May Play a Key Role in Picking the Perfect Partner

You probably think its your sense of having kindred souls that draws you to on another, but some scientists say its actually your sense of ...