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Researchers Regrow an Extinct Judean Tree

The ancient Judean date palm tree last seen in 500 A.D., is being grown again from seeds sealed in an ancient clay jar. In the movie ...

There's No Way Americans Eat What They Say They Do

A new study performed by public health researchers at the University of South Carolina asserts that 40 years of government data on American ...

Study Shows Elephants Might Understand Pointing Gesture

Human children learn to gesture at what they want, or are able to recognize the significance of someone else pointing at something from a ...

Manipulation and Control In Meerkat Social Circles

To the casual observer, meerkats may look carefree and playful, but an in-depth look at their lives shows an existence filled with danger ...

Wall Street Ends Higher On Hopes Of Weekend Resolution In Washington

U.S. stocks extended gains on Friday, a day after their biggest rally in more than nine months as investors were hopeful for a solution to ...

Why Frozen Is Often a Better Choice Than Fresh

Theres a lot of emphasis placed on the superiority of fresh produce, but two recent studies show that in many cases, frozen is the better ...

More Deaths Reported During Good Economic Times

Researchers announced that theyve found a link between good economic times and increased mortality rates among the middle-aged and elderly. ...

3 Incredible Skymall-Inspired Inventions

Patrick Strattner built and photographed the prototypes for several Skymall-inspired inventions as part of his portfolios still-life photo ...

Nobel Physics Prize Announcement Delayed

STOCKHOLM AP - The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has delayed the announcement of this year's Nobel Prize in physics by at least an hour.

Smartphone apps to save a life

When a medical emergency strikes, every counts, which is just one more area where the rapidly expanding field of Smartphone apps comes in. ...

Evolutionary Secret to Men's Deep Voices May Be Found in Deer

Once considered to be the evolutionary achievement of humans alone, the history of how the descended larynx came to be is being deciphered ...

The History of Popcorn at the Movies

Popcorn became popular in the mid 1800s and was a staple of entertainment events like the circus or state fair, but it was not served in ...