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A New Internet Philosophy Is On Its Way

12/18/13, the action-oriented social network for the common good announces its international public beta release. In its first stage, the ... tags: benefitsbetacausescommon_goodconsumerHoryouknowledge

Why Our Parks Are Full of Squirrels

According to a recent study, squirrels were introduced to green spaces around the country in order to promote peoples health and sanity. ... tags: american_parks_full_squirrelscities_accommodate_squirrelsEducationGeoBeatsKnowledgenut_bearing_trees_squirrelssquirrels_invade_us_parks

How Cats Became Domesticated

Have you ever wondered how house cats became domesticated Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics show humans taking care of cats around 4 thousand ... tags: domestication_cats_chinadomestication_cats_researchdomestication_cats_studydomestic_cats_originated_chinaearlier_thoughtfeline_bones_domesticationfeline_bones_study

This Rare Black Rose Can Only Be Found in Turkey

The Turkish Halfeti Rose only grows in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey. Red roses are probably the most ... tags: all_black_roseblack_rosesblack_roses_native_turkeyEducationGeoBeatsKnowledgeturkey_rare_black_rose

James Bond's Alcoholism and Low Life Expectancy

A new lighthearted research study indicates James Bond would have suffered from many alcohol-induced health problems, including hand ... tags: EducationGeoBeatsjames_bond_alcoholicjames_bond_alcohol_consumptionjames_bond_alcohol_habitsjames_bond_booze_studyjames_bond_drinking_habits

5 Bizarre Modes of Transportation for World Leaders

World leaders get around in entirely different ways. Check out their 5 bizarre forms of transportation. Using a car to get around, that's ... tags: EducationGeoBeatsitalian_presidentKnowledgeleaders_super_yachtqueen_royal_trainsubmarine_world_leaders

Why Grown Women Squeal Like Adolescents

New York Magazines Maureen OConnor was asked at party why grown women squeal like adolescent girls. Heres what she came up with. New York ... tags: Educationfemale_squeal_excitedGeoBeatsKnowledgesqueal_sisterhoodsqueal_when_nothing_to_saywhy_women_squeal

The History and Evolution of Vitamins

Many people take vitamin and mineral supplements for a variety of reasons.According to researchers from Simon Frasier University in British ... tags: evolution_supplementsGeoBeatshistoric_facts_vitaminshistory_supplements_healthhistory_vitamins_healthKnowledgeorigin_supplements

A Person's Sound Is Related to Height

According to a study from researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, a persons relative height can be determined by the ... tags: Educationeffect_height_voice_soundGeoBeatsheights_voicesKnowledgepeople_differentstudy_voice_pitch_height

Ways That Whales Get Lost

Have you ever wondered how whales can lose their way in the ocean or get stranded in shallow water A pod of about 51 pilot whales recently ... tags: GeoBeatsKnowledgelost_whalesstranded_researchtoxins_whales_strandedwhales_get_lost_studywhales_lose_way

Studies Show Smart People Drink More Alcohol

Statistics about how alcohol consumption relates to intelligence reveal that smarter people tend to drink more. Statistics about how ... tags: Educationgeobeatsintelligence_alcohol_intakeiq_more_alcoholKnowledgeresearch_alcohol_intakesmarter_person_alcohol_content