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10 Facts You Didn't Know About Starbucks

There arent too many coffee lovers who dont look forward to a trip to their local Starbucks. Here are 12 amazing facts about the coffee ... tags: EducationGeoBeatsKnowledgestarbucks_empirestarbucks_factsstarbucks_fun_factsstarbucks_history

10 Amazing Facts About the Human Brain

Check out 10 amazing facts about the brain you may not know. The human brain is one of nature's greatest creations. Here are 10 incredible ... tags: brain_abilitiesbrain_amazing_factsbrain_babiesbrain_factsbrain_painbrain_receptorsbrain_size

10 Facts About KFC You Didn't Know

Check out 12 amazing facts regarding KFC. Can't get enough of KFC Here are 10 facts about the popular chain that you may not know. Number ... tags: colonel_sanders_factsfacts_kfcGeoBeatskentucky_fried_chickenkfc_colonel_sanderskfc_franchise_factskfc_history

10 Useless Body Parts

Check out which of your 10 body ports are virtually useless. Our bodies are intricate in nature. Every single part is supposed to have its ... tags: body_partsEducationgeobeatshuman_body_useKnowledgemen_nipple_uselessnon-functional_body_parts

World's 5 Largest Cargo Planes

Lets take a look at 5 of the worlds largest cargo planes ever flown. Considered to be among mankind's greatest innovations, lets take a ... tags: airbus_belugaantonov_an_225biggest_cargo_planesEducationGeoBeatshuge_cargo_planesKnowledge

10 Awesome McDonald's Products Not Available in the US

While Americans have been familiar with McDonalds for decades, most of us arent exactly accustomed with whats on the menu in other ... tags: aussie_brekkie_rollGeoBeatsKnowledgemango_pie_nicaraguamcarabia_middle_eastmcbeer_europemccurry_pan_india

Top 10 Amazing Facts About the Human Eye

Here are 10 amazing facts about our eyes. The human eye is the most complex and powerful body part next to the brain. Here are 10 amazing ... tags: eyes_distinguish_colorseyes_process_informationeyes_seeing_processeseye_muscle_factsGeoBeatshuman_eye_compositionhuman_eye_facts

5 Most Bizarre Victorian Deaths

These top 5 Victorian deaths were caused by the seemingly harmless. From electricity and gas leaks to food and personal care products ... tags: bizarre_fatalitiesEducationGeoBeatskilled_cats_victoriankilled_coffin_victorianKnowledgeodd_victorian_deaths

5 Facts That Make Jellyfish Extraordinary

Check out 5 amazing facts concerning jellyfish. Jellyfish are certainly among the most unique creatures of our planet. Here are 5 facts ... tags: amazing_facts_jelliesEducationGeoBeatsjellyfish_informationjellyfish_knowledgejellyfish_little_known_factsjellyfish_origin

10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Amazing

Check out 10 facts about dogs that make them amazing. If you have a dog, you already know they are amazing. But if you need more proof, ... tags: dogs_amazingdogs_factsdogs_smelldogs_speciesdogs_surprising_factsdogs_unknown_factsEducation

Men's Bigger Noses Explained

Scientists have finally uncovered the answer to the age-old question of why men have bigger noses than women. Scientists have finally ... tags: EducationGeoBeatsKnowledgemale_noses_biggermale_noses_largermens_noses_growmens_noses_larger

How the Brain Tracks Time

Recently, a team from the University of California, Irvine began to explore the possibility that the brain houses an additional ... tags: brain_trackingbrain_tracks_time_lapsescortex_brain_time_trackingEducationGeoBeatsinternal_clock_brainKnowledge