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De Klerk: ‘Mandela foi inspiração para mundo inteiro'

O ltimo presidente branco da frica do Sul, Frederik De Klerk, disse nesta sexta-feira que Nelson Mandela , foi uma 'inspirao para o mundo ... tags: AFRICA‘MandelaDeinspiraçãointeiro’Klerk:mundo

Desmond Tutu and F.W. de Klerk join tributes to Mandela

Some, who like Mandela were closely entwined with the struggle to end apartheid, have been paying tribute to the countrys iconic former ... tags: andDeathDesmondDesmond_TutujoinKlerkNelson_Mandela

Compagni e vecchi nemici: Mandela secondo Tutu e De Klerk

Esempio di impegno e grande fra i grandi. Il giudizio su Mandela accomuna compagni di lotte e antichi avversari come i Nobel per la pace ... tags: CompagniDesmond_TutuKlerkMorteNelson_Mandelanemici:secondo

'Repeaters' Trailer

The trailer for the film 'Repeaters,' directed by Carl Bessai and starring Dustin Milligan, Amanda Crew, and Richard de Klerk. tags: amandabessaicarlcrewdustinklerkmilligan

South Africa: Is there another need for reconciliation?

The deal FW de klerk signed with Mandela before his release from prison and presidency is alleged to have been a compromise on the land ... tags: AfricaAfricanCongressdeeconomicFWklerk

Frost over the World - FW De Klerk - 22 May 09

The former president of South Africa talks about his role in helping to bring an end to Apartheid and his relationship with Nelson Mandela. tags: aljazeeradavidfrostklerkoverpresidentsir

Université d'été: Plénière exceptionnelle avec Frederik de Klerk, Prix Nobel de la ...

Universit d't du MEDEF - jeudi 30 aot 2012Plnire exceptionnelle avec Frederik de Klerk, ancien prsident d'Afrique du Sud, Prix Nobel de la ... tags: AfriquededesduentreprisesFranceFrederik

F.W. de Klerk, ancien président d'Afrique du Sud

ENTRETIEN Vingt ans aprs avoir reu le prix Nobel de la paix avec Mandela, Frederik Willem de Klerk, le dernier prsident de l'Afrique du Sud ... tags: afriqueapartheidfranceklerkmandelanobelpaix

South Africa Marks 20th Anniversary Speech

Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of former President FW de Klerk's historic announcement and unbanning of the African National Congress, ... tags: AfricaAnniversaryKlerkMarksNewsNTDNTDTV

Mandela and de Klerk

On June 12, 1964, Nelson Mandela, along with a number of political detainees, was sentenced to life imprisonment in what remains the most ... tags: 1997dramaklerkmandelamandela,de,klerk,drama,1997