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The Power of the Word

By following God and His Word you can unlock amazing mysteries hidden in past ages that may seem beyond your imagination. Watch this ... tags: a better lifeanswers to questionsbest directionsBeyond TodayBibleBible studyBook of Wisdom

Tithing: God's Financial Keys to Success

Discover how tithing is an act of worship from which God learns much about our hearts and our treasure. Watch this program, read the ... tags: 10 percent10% of incomeAbrahamact of worshipBeyond TodayBibleChristian

Who Are the Two Witnesses?

Bible prophecy says two individuals will stand witness on the world scene testifying against an evil, God-defying age. Watch this Beyond ... tags: 2 witnesses3 yearsBeastBeast powerBeyondBeyond TodayBible

The Ten Commandments

Although God gave His laws to humankind thousands of years ago, they have decisive relevance in your life today. Learn how.Watch this ... tags: 10 commandmentsadulteryBeyond TodayChristianCommandmentsCommandments of Godcovet


Genuine, God-centered revival involves vital changes in one's thinking and actions. Learn how you can experience true spiritual renewal. ... tags: Beyond TodayChristian renewalChristian revivalChristianityChristianscommitmentdisciple

Calling Evil Good

Where are the voices crying out against dishonesty, injustice and moral evil And where are people who will heed the warningsWatch this ... tags: Beyond Todaycalling evil goodcalling good evilChristianIsaiah 5:20Kingdom of God Bible Seminars

Would Jesus Attend Your Church?

Are Christ's original teachings about the coming Kingdom of God being faithfully taught in the church you attendWatch this program, read ... tags: Beyond TodayBible Study aidChristianChristian livingChristian nationChristianitychurch

What is the Kingdom of God?

Knowledge of this coming divine government provides real hope beyond the dismal news and traumas of our present day. Watch this program at ... tags: BeyondBeyond TodayBible prophecyChristianitygood newsgospelgospel message