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Keppler Speakers Videos - 4 by Popular

Victim's Rights Advocate Carissa Phelps Shares Her New Documentary

Carissa Phelps shares her story of transformation from sex trafficking survivor to attorney in this new Documentary. tags: Carissa Phelps documentary inspirational speaker Keppler Speakers lawyer Prostitutionauthor

Economic Experts from Planet Money on the American Dream

Public radio's Planet Money team Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg address the economic crisis and present their prescriptions for a ... tags: Alex Blumberg College Speaker economic speaker finance Keppler Speakers NPR Planet Money

Environmentalist Jeff Corwin Presents Ocean Mysteries

Jeff Corwin presents Ocean Mysteries on ABC, a new program focusing on the rich wildlife underwater and around the world. tags: College Speaker conservationist Jeff Corwin Keppler Speakersanimal planetCollege Speakerconservationist

Peter Sims On The Value of Little Bets Towards Innovation

Best-selling author Peter Sims describes how little bets on innovative ideas can help businesses discover new opportunities. tags: business speaker Keppler Speakers Little Bets Peter Sims Stanfordauthorbusiness speaker

Waldo Waldman On Finding Passion in Business and Life

Combat pilot Waldo Waldman discusses finding the inspiration in your life that makes your passion greater than your fears. tags: Combat Pilot Keppler Speakers leadership speaker motivational speaker Waldo WaldmanauthorCombat Pilot

Randy Cohen on Becoming "The Ethicist"

Former New York Times columnist and Emmy Award winning writer Randy Cohen shares how he became 'The Ethicist' and poses questions of ethics ... tags: Emmy Award Winner Keppler Keppler Speakers motivational speaker Randy Cohen Speakers Writer

Steve Farber on Extreme Leadership

Leadership expert and teamwork expert Steve Farber shares how to increase productivity, profitability, and service and how to create a ... tags: Extreme Leadership Keppler Keppler Speakers motivational speaker Speakers Steve Farberauthor

Author Frank Warren Presents the Post Secret App

Frank Warren presents the Post-Secret iPhone App that allows users to anonymously share secrets and discover secrets from around the world. tags: campus speaker Frank Warren inspirational speaker Keppler Keppler Speakers performing arts postsecret

The Buried Life Inspire Schools and Campuses on College Tour

MTV's The Buried Life tour campuses around the country challenging students to discuss what they want to accomplish before they die. tags: campus speakers celebrity speakers college speakers Dave Lingwood Duncan Penn Jonnie Penn Keppler

Captain Mark Kelly on Finding the Devotion to Succeed

Mark Kelly recounts the adversities in his life that have strengthened his will to succeed as a Combat Pilot in Desert Storm and as a Space ... tags: Endeavour Keppler Keppler Speakers Mark Kelly NASA space shuttle Space Shuttle Commander

Commander Mark Kelly On the Power of the Human Spirit

Commander Mark Kelly describes how the challenges his wife Representative Gabrielle Giffords has overcome reveal the resilience of the ... tags: Endeavour Keppler Keppler Speakers Mark Kelly NASA space shuttle Space Shuttle Commander

Todd Buchholz on Lessons in Courage and Leadership Part One

Business speaker Todd Buccholz tells the story of pioneering banker Amadeo Giannini and shares lessons about courage and leadership. tags: economy Keppler Keppler Speakers Speakers Todd Buchholz Wall Street Journalbusiness speakers