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Photo Shoots - Jon Heder Test-Drives the Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Actorguinea pig Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory test-drives the Motorized Ice Cream Cone at 15 revolutions per .

Behind the movie scenes:Blades of glory

Watch celeb interviews from the film Blades of Glory

Efren Ramirez on The Characters of Napoleon Dynamite

Efren Ramirez gives some insight on the characters of Napoleon Dynamite and how many of them were based off real people and actual events. tags: animated_showefren_ramirezfilmnutfoxjon_hedernapoleon_dynamitepedro

Vote For Pedro

Actor Efren Ramirez talks about how he gets quotVote for Pedroquot everywhere he goes. Including overseas. tags: animated_showcasa_de_mi_padrecrank_and_crankefren_ramirezfilmnutfoxhigh_voltage

Actor Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite

Actor Efren Ramirez is reprising his role as Pedro from the break away hit independent film, Napoleon Dynamite, on the new FOX animated ... tags: animated_showcasa_de_mi_padrecrank_and_crankefren_ramirezfilmnutfoxhigh_voltage

Clown Car

When in Rome 2010 - Clown Car - Antonio Will Arnett offers to drive the group in his 8220mid-size8221 Italian car. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

I'm a Model

When in Rome 2010 - I'm a Model - Beth Kristen Bell is approached by Gale Dax Shepard, a narcissistic male model. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

Saving Coins From the Fountain

When in Rome 2010 - Saving Coins From the Fountain - Beth Kristen Bell saves coins from being wasted on wishes of love in a fountain. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

Hurts So Bad, Tastes So Good

When in Rome 2010 - Hurts So Bad, Tastes So Good - Beth Kristen Bell sprays Nick Josh Duhamel with breath spray instead of mace when she ... tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

I Don't Speak Italian

When in Rome 2010 - I Don't Speak Italian - Nick Josh Duhamel steps in to help Beth Kristen Bell finish giving the toast. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

What's Happening to Me?

Just Like Heaven 2005 - What's Happening to Me - David Mark Ruffalo tries to get Elizabeth Reese Witherspoon to realize that something8217s ... tags: Abby's_HusbandAbby_BrodyAlyssa_ShaferBen_ShenkmanBrettCaroline_AaronChris_Pflueger

Stay With Me

Just Like Heaven 2005 - Stay With Me - David Mark Ruffalo desperately tries to save Elizabeth Reese Witherspoon from death, but the ... tags: Abby's_HusbandAbby_BrodyAlyssa_ShaferBen_ShenkmanBrettCaroline_AaronChris_Pflueger