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Inside PR 2.87: We won't delete your comments

Its been an interesting week around the web with lessons about good and not-so-good communications. Gini mentions the blog post she wrote ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingFacebookFoundationGini_DietrichInside_PRissues_management

Inside PR 2.84: Are your measurement goals quantifiable and time-bound?

This week, we feature another interview from the PRSA International Conference. We talk to our good friend Shonali Burke, communications ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_MarketingMartin_Waxman

Inside PR 2.81: On Google, Twitter and Marketing in the Round

FirstListener comments responding to our discussion onmean girls in PR Thanks to Jessica Suter from The Change PR, Lizanor Barrera and our ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichgoogleHootsuiteInside_PRJoe_Thornley

Inside PR 2.78: The plusses of Google+

We recorded Inside PR 2.76 on the day Google+ opened its pages to businesses and watched as companies developed their G+ presence in real ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichGoogle__GooglePlusInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_Marketing

Inside PR 2.74: On the road with On the Record Online

Were on the trade show of PRSA International Conference in Orlando talking with Eric Schwartzman on a special joint episode with On the ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingDavid_JonesEric_SchwartzmanFor_Immediate_ReleaseGini_DietrichInside_PR

Inside PR special edition: spotlight on the PRSA International Conference

The PRSA International Conference, the largest PR gathering in the world, takes place in Orlando, Florida, October 15 to 18, 2011. Inside ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_MarketingMartin_Waxman

Inside PR 2.69: TV or not TV…that is the question

Gini, Joe and Martin start off by announcing theyll be attending thePRSA International Conference in Orlando, Florida, October 15 to 18 as ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingFacebookGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_Marketing

Inside PR 2.65: To leave or not to leave…that is the question

We start this week with a question from a listener, LaBrandon DatesHow do you know when its time to search for a new job and can a person ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_MarketingMartin_Waxman

Inside PR 2.61: Summertime…and the reading is easy

A few weeks ago on Inside PR 2.58, the summer movie releases gave us the idea to talk about films on PR. And thanks to a suggestion from ... tags: booksBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_Marketing

Inside PR 2.58: PR movies and wiping the slate clean

Just before we recorded the show, I had lunch with Guy Skipworth, a friend, colleague and long-time listener. He had an in-person comment ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichGuy_SkipworthInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_Marketing

Inside PR 2.51: Stepping up

This week we start with a listener comment 8211 a tweet, really 8211 from autumnthompson who asks what a new person like her can do to ... tags: Agency_LifeBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_ThornleyManagement_Marketing

Inside PR 2.44: PodCamp Toronto reunion show part 2

Its time for part two of our PodCamp Toronto 8216reunited8217 shows featuring IPR creators Terry Fallis and Dave Jones joining Gini, Joe ... tags: BusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingDavid_JonesEden_SpodekGini_DietrichInside_PRJoe_Thornley