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Libyans prepare to vote after decades of dictatorship

Libyans vote on Saturday for a constituent assembly, the first body elected since the ouster of dictator Moamer Kadhafi, tasked with ... tags: JibrilKadhafiLibyaMahmoudMoamerTripoli

Liberals Lead in Libya Vote

Official said on Sunday that the National Forces Alliance NFA headed by former Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril is currently leading in ... tags: democracyJibrilLibyaMahmoudTripoli

Libya poll results due as Jibril urges unity

They waited 60 years for a free national election.Now as counting continues, Libyans are having to be patient a little longer after a ... tags: dueElectionseuronewsJibrilLibyapollresults

Libya Party Leader Jibril Calls for Unity as Votes Tallied

Mahmud Jibril, leader of a political coalition said to be trending well as votes are tallied in Libya, calls for all parties to come ... tags: democracyJibrilLibyaMahmoudTripoli

Libya's Liberals Claim Lead in First Election Since Gaddafi

Libya's first countrywide elections in nearly five decades brought hints Sunday of an Arab Spring precedent Western-leaning parties making ... tags: arabGaddafiislamistsJibrilLibyaMahmoudMuammar

Jibril verso il successo in Libia: "Noi liberali e...

Confortato dai risultati preliminari, Mahmud Jibril parla da vincitore e apre agli islamisti. Schiacciante il successo che si prefigura in ... tags: euronewsJibrilliberaliLibiaLibia:NoiPolitica

Ex rebel chief Jibril early leader in Libya poll

Libya's former rebel leader Mahmoud Jibril is the early frontrunner after partial results in the country's election.His National Forces ... tags: chiefearlyeuronewsJibrilleaderLibyaPolitics

Wartime PM Leads in Libya Vote

According to the initial results, Libya's once interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has taken an early lead in the north African country's ... tags: GaddafiJibrilLibyaMahmoudMuammarTripoli

UN Hails Libya Election

The UN Security Council has praised the July 7 elections in Libya, considering the elections a milestone for Libya's democratic transition. ... tags: councilJibrilLibyaMahmoudsecurityun

Results of Libya's Historic Election Trickle In

Preliminary results of Libya's landmark elections suggest that the National Forces Alliance, a broad coalition of parties rallied under the ... tags: FayçalJibrilKrekchiLibyaMahmud

Libya's Jibril Leads in Election

Preliminary results show that Libya's moderate National Forces Alliance led by the ex-interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril is leading in ... tags: BenghaziJibrilLibyaMahmoudTripoli

Libia: vittoria dei moderati di Jibril, ma senza...

Vittoria dei moderati di Jibril in Libia, ma senza maggioranza assoluta. I risultati definitivi delle legislative del 7 luglio non ... tags: deiElezionieuronewsJibrilLibiaLibia:moderati