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Greek analysts see more pressure on Israel after Iran's Geneva deal

The monumental success of the Geneva summit paves the way for regional and global stability, shifting the geopolitical equilibrium within ... tags: AthensEuropeIsrealPressure

Israeli soldier testifies about war crimes at UN

Avner Gvaryahu, leader of a group called 'Breaking the Silence' was invited to the United Nations to speak about war crimes he had ...

Netanyahu on Iran nuke ambitions evidence: "This is not a guesstimate"

In an interview with Charlie Rose on Wednesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out his evidence about Iran and weighed in on ...

Israel continues with warmongering rhetoric against Iran, Lebanon

Israel has once again stretched its muscles warning of a hefty price to be paid if the Lebanese Resistance Movement - Hezbollah - was to ... tags: EastHezbollahIranIsrealLebanonMiddleThreat

Gazans rally to show solidarity with‏ Palestinians in al-Quds

In Gaza, hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered in the Palestine stadium on Thursday. tags: al-qudsilligalisrealjerusalemPalestinerallysettlers

Algerian scientists visit Gaza‎

The Algerian delegation of scientists, which includes a number of scholars from the central of astronomical research and university ... tags: algeriaeducationGazaisrealpalestinescientistsseige

Inside Story - Strained ties over settlements? - 20 July 09

The Israeli prime minister had defied US demands to suspend a settlement construction project in East Jerusalem, sparking what Washington ... tags: BankEastillegalInsideIsrealJazeeraJerusalem

Palestinians boycott Israeli settler goods

Millions of dollars of Palestinan money helps Israeli businesses thrive in the West Bank, but now the Palestinan Authority is boycotting ... tags: alaljazeerabankboycottgazagoodsisraeli

Palestinian unity hopes fade - 12 Oct 09

Many Palestinians have expressed frustration with their leaders after sparring speeches from Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, and ... tags: alaljazeeragoldstoneisrealjazeeranourodeh

Hundreds stopped from leaving Europe for Israel

Major airlines including Air France, Lufthansa, and Swiss Air are being criticised for refusing to let pro-Palestinian activists board ... tags: alaljazeeraclipIsrealJazeeraMcGregor-WoodMiddleeastnews

Al Jazeera talks to US activist named by Israel as a 'terrorist'

Israel claims five activists on Mavi Marmara were 'active terrorists'.Israel's 'terrorist' list includes two Turks, one French, and two US ... tags: activistaidattackflotillagazaisrealken