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Obama Praises Gates, Says He Still Has Faith In Afghan Mission

President Barack Obama called former Pentagon chief Robert Gates an outstanding Defense Secretary Monday but refuted Gates' suggestion that ... tags: administrationBarackBarack_ObamaBarack_Obama_foreign_policyDemocratic_PartyforeignIraq_War

Obama Says U.S. To Give 'Modest Relief' On Iran Sanctions

President Barack Obama said the United States and other nations would begin to give Iran 'modest relief' on economic sanctions as long as ... tags: Barack_ObamaDemocratic_PartyIraq_WarNuclear_program_of_IranNuclear_Security_SummitUnited_StatesUS_sanctions_against_Iran

Top 4 Political Stories of the Day

President Barack Obama said the United States and other nations would begin to give Iran 'modest relief' on economic sanctions as long as ... tags: beingChris_ChristiecongratulateGeneral_Abdel_FattahHasinaherHuman_migration

Obama To Unveil Surveillance Decisions In January 17 Speech

The White House said on Jan. 10 that President Barack Obama will discuss his decisions on how to reform U.S. surveillance practices in a ... tags: Barack_ObamaBill_ClintonChizu_NomiyamaDemocratic_PartyDomestic_NewsIraq_WarUnited_States

Suicide bomber kills 23 recruits in Baghdad

A suicide bomber has killed 23 Iraqi army recruits in Baghdad. The attack was on men joining the governments fight to expel al Qaeda-linked ... tags: Armed_conflictsBaghdadbomberIraqIraq_Warkillsrecruits

White House Defends Biden Against Gates Criticism

The White House is bristling over former Defense Secretary Robert Gates' new memoir accusing President Barack Obama of showing too little ... tags: Bill_ClintonCompanyGreatIraq_WarIraq_War_troop_surgeJoe_BidenPacific

White House On Defense Over Gates Book

The White House continued to defend President Barack Obamas leadership style and affirm his relationship with Vice President Joe Biden ... tags: Barack_ObamaConfirmations_of_Barack_Obamas_CabinetDemocratic_PartyIraq_WarJoe_BidenPresidential_transition_of_Barack_ObamaPresident_of_the_United_States

Iraqi Government: Airstrike Kills 25 Militants

Iraqi officials said a government airstrike killed 25 al-Qaida-linked militants in a besieged province west of Baghdad amid fierce clashes ... tags: 2003_invasion_of_IraqIraqi_governmentIraqi_insurgencyIraq_WarOccupation_of_IraqPrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiWar_Conflict

Mideast Tumult Tests Obama Approach In The Region

President Barack Obama is confronting a recent burst of strength by al-Qaida that is chipping away at the remains of Mideast stability and ... tags: Barack_ObamaDemocratic_PartyIraq_WarIrregular_militaryOrganized_crimePresident_of_the_United_StatesWar_Conflict

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Gates Criticizes Obama In Memoir

U.S. President Barack Obama lacked belief in his administration's policy toward the war in Afghanistan and was skeptical it would even ... tags: Barack_ObamaDont_askdont_tellGeorge_W_BushIranContra_affairIraq_WarPolitics_News

Fighting Between Iraqi Troops, Al-Qaida Kills 34

The Iraqi military tried to dislodge al-Qaida militants in Sunni-dominated Anbar province Sunday, unleashing airstrikes and besieging the ... tags: Bab_al-MuadhamBattle_of_RamadiIraqi_militaryIraq_WarLt_Gen_Rasheed_FleihOccupation_of_IraqPolitics_of_Iraq