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Victor Vitanza. Libidinal Economy, Marx's Desire, Little Girl Marx. 2011

11/03/11 Victor Vitanza on Jean-Franois Lyotard's Libidinal Economy. In this lecture he discusses Marx's desire, Merleau-Ponty, ... tags: Anti-Oedipus Baud body Capital capitalist cartography community

Lee Cronin: Making Matter Come Alive

Using an elegant definition of life anything that can evolve, chemist Lee Cronin is attempting to create a fully inorganic cell using a ... tags: carboncellschemistryinorganicLee_Croninlifemolecules

Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive

09/09/11 Before life existed on Earth, there was just matter, inorganic dead 'stuff.' How improbable is it that life arose And -- could ... tags: Biology carbon chemistry inorganic inorganic biology Lee Cronin Life

How to Use Bark Mulch to Beautify Your Home

Learn how to choose, use and maintain bark mulch in your yard. Visit to learn more. bark mulch yard ... tags: barkbriggsbrigscareclipgrasshome

Scott and Jan discuss Arsenic and Diabetes

Exposure to arsenic typically through drinking water is linked to diabetes according a study published in the Journal of the American ... tags: americanarsenicassociationattorneyaudiobusinessBusiness_News

Pursuing A Scientific Discovery 100 Honesty Always

Honesty is a very complex subject hard to enforce mainly toward scientific principles . . . tags: analysisanomalycarbonchangeclimateco2GIS