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NSA Head Denies Report About Yahoo, Google Data

In an interview, when asked about a Washington Post report that the NSA secretly broke into the main communications links that connect ...

Pa. Pharmacist Is a Junkie... for Health Data

More and more people are using smartphones and wearable technology to get healthy. But can apps and gadgets alone help you shed pounds Oct. ...

Amazing Car Tech Advances About to Hit Showrooms

The cars of the future will not only be able to park themselves, but they'll also be able to talk to each other. Ford has been showing off ...

Toddler's Brain Forgets to Tell Her to Breathe

Maisie Harris is finally home. The two-year-old had been in a hospital her whole life with a rare condition in which her brain forgets to ...

Build an iPhone 5 dock for $1

Build an iPhone 5 dock for 1... Subscribe my youtube channel Stupid Lightening Charger Port...

Make Your Own Dr. Dre Beats Headphones

Make Your Own Dr. Dre Beats Headphones... Subscribe my youtube channel The tilt shift stuff was shot on the lensbaby composer Pro

Full Apple iPad Video Review

Full Apple iPad Video Review - Take a look at Apple's latest creation, the iPad... Subscribe my youtube channel Thanks

Two Rare Diamonds Sparkle at Auction Preview

Auction house Sotheby's is showing off two rare diamonds - a 118-carat oval white diamond and a vivid blue diamond - that are expected to ...

Malware, Atomic Bombs & LSD: Life After the Singularity

Malware, Atomic Bombs LSD Life After the SingularityThe Long Now Foundation - The Long Now FoundationA Seminar About Long-term Thinking ...

Shafqat Zaman Comments for

Shafqat Zaman live in Hong kong he like oue website and give comments about this website.Must watch it. Cameraman is Muhammad Ifzal and ... tags: BBC_World_Servicecommentsfilmformuli_Attock_PakitanHong_KongIndiaInformation_technology

Diane Bryant: Intel's CIO Priorities for 2012 – Part 2

IT Best Practices Episode 19 8211 The podcast is the of a two-part conversation with former Intel Chief Information Officer Diane Bryant, ... tags: Audio_PodcastBusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_NewsChatChip