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Le jour où tout a basculé - Ma fille est une délinquante...

la suite d'un vnement imprvu, des hommes et des femmes ont vu leur vie bouleverse pour le pire et le meilleur. Ces histoires vraies sont ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Sam And Dan Houser 15

Brothers Sam and Dan Houser are the creative geniuses behind Rockstar Games, and the company they cofounded is responsible for the megahit ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Walder Frey 40

It's been a big year for TV, but the actions of Game of Thrones character Walder Frey probably beat out those of Breaking Bad's Walter ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Henrik Lundqvist 44

Henrik Lundqvist is one of the top goalies in the NHL and had a pretty spectacular season with the Rangers last year. Though he's off to a ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Josef Ajram 43

Josef Ajram is one of the most extreme endurance athletes on the planet. The Spanish triathlete and day trader has completed seven Ironmans ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Jamie Oliver 47

Jamie Oliver may not be the most influential chef in terms of culinary innovation, but he is certainly impacting a great amount of people ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Cristiano Ronaldo 38

The one-time most expensive professional soccer player is undoubtedly one of the best in the history of the sport. Ronaldo, at 28, isn't ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Nick Offerman 42

The Parks and Recreation star is one of the most likable actors in Hollywood, but he's more than just a funny guy. It turns out he's also ...

Top 49 Influential Men: The Rock 45

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has had one of the most successful post-WWE careers of any wrestler, proving his acting chops time and time ...

Top 49 Influential Men: Bre Pettis 48

When MakerBot Industries was acquired by Stratasys in a 400 million deal last summer, Bre Pettis' role as the future of manufacturing was ...

I Opened the Curtain, and Press Outside Everywhere: Julian Lennon Recalls The Passing Of His Father

Musician and artist Julian Lennon tells Larry King about the moments surrounding when he found out that his father had passed.

Plans For Politics? Katherine Schwarzenegger Answers Social Media Questions

Author and activist Katherine Schwarzenegger answers questions from fans delivered via social media.