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Fergie Celebrates Third Baby Shower

Fergie sure loves showers. Baby showers, that is. The pregnant singer enjoyed her third one over the weekend as she and husband Josh ... tags: AubryGabrielHipHollywoodhopInfancypregnant

Newborn Development - Week 3

Feeding and changing remain the top activities for your newborn in week 3. Crying is her only way to communicate, and while you'll learn to ... tags: babybaby_carechanging_diapersdiapersgrowth_spurtinfancyinfancy_week_three

Newborn Development - Week 4

Your newborn baby is probably still sleeping a lot, but week 4 may bring a treat - your baby's first smile, and it'll likely be aimed at ... tags: babychanging_diapersdiapersfirst_month_of_infancyfirst_smilegrowth_spurtinfancy

Newborn Development - Week 6

Week 6 of newborn development is crucial to helping establish a sleep routine. By day, your baby is starting to grab everything, and his ... tags: babybaby_carechanging_diaperscoliccolicky_babydiapersinfancy

Newborn Development - Month 3

At three months of age, your newborn will be an infant A nine week old may start to learn what, and who, she likes, responding differently ... tags: 9_week_old_baby_post-natalbabybaby_9_weeksbaby_careBaby_nine_weekschanging_diapersdiapers

Newborn Development - Month 6

Your six month old is getting ready for big changes, by practicing sitting up and crouching to prepare for crawling. You can probably feed ... tags: 6_month_old_babybabybaby_6_monthsbaby_careBaby_six_monthschanging_diapersdiapers

How To Swaddle A Baby

Swaddling is a technique used to soothe, comfort, and protect an infant who is sleeping or trying to sleep. It is easy to swaddle a baby - ... tags: after_pregnancybabybaby_carebaby_sleephow_to_swaddleinfancyinfant

Baby Sleep Basics

Your baby probably sleeps a lot - newborns can sleep up to 19 hours a day - but they tend to do it in short stints. Remember to lie your ... tags: after_pregnancybabies_sleep_problemsbabybaby_carebaby_growthbaby_insomniababy_sleep_basics

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Is your newborn sleeping through the night If not, there are a few things you can do to help your baby sleep. There are a number of ... tags: after_pregnancybabies_sleep_problemsbabybaby_carebaby_growthbaby_sleep_patternschild

What To Eat While Breastfeeding

Your baby is finally here, so you can ingest whatever you want, right Actually, breastfeeding moms need to think carefully about their ... tags: after_pregnancybabybaby_carebreastfeedingbreastfeeding_and_dietbreastfeeding_dietbreast_milk

How To Soothe Your Baby

Your little one can't talk yet, so he'll communicate with you the only way he can, by crying While you won't always know what's wrong, as ... tags: after_pregnancybabybaby_carebaby_colicbaby_growthcrying_babyhow_to_calm_baby

Breast Pumping - The Basics

Breast pumping provides benefits such as allowing you to store your milk and allowing your partner to share in your baby's feeding process. ... tags: baby_carebaby_growthbreastfeedingbreast_milk:_babybreast_pumpingbreast_pumpshow_to_breast_pump