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Obama to GOP: No government shutdown over Obamacare

'A lot of Republicans seem to believe that if they can gum up the works and make Obamacare fail, they'll somehow be sticking it to me,' ...

W.H. compares Republicans to A-Rod

White House spokesman Josh Earnest brushed aside Republicans complaining about Obamacare on Wednesday, likening them to steroid-tarnished ...

Kishan Reddy Maha Deeksha demanding implementation of BC subplan

Kishan Reddy Maha Deeksha demanding implementation of BC subplan

Revised budget: key to economy

On Monday, Vladimir Putin will report to the State Duma on implementation of the governments anti-crisis plan and announce amendments to ... tags: anti-crisisbudgetDumagovernmentimplementationplanPutin

Episode 4

The principals raise money to implement the new constitution, XYZ host Jonah interviews PLO Lumumba, Sonko takes us on a ride for a day and ... tags: AfricaAfrican_ComedyAfrican_Newsambassador_RannebergerAnimationBarack_Obamabudget

Lawmakers, rights activists demand implementation of public transport ethics

Lawmakers and rights activists have stressed on the need for bringing out law and implementing the ethics issued by the Labour and ... tags: activists demand ethics from implementation Lawmakers Nepal

Implementation of 7-pt deal must for Nepal's development: Donors

The donor community has called for speedy implementation of the 7-point agreement between the parties to create ground for Nepal's economic ... tags: 7-pt deal development: Donors for must Nepals

Liam Aylward on Professional Qualifications Directive

Speech by Liam Aylward MEP ALDE ADLE on Implementation of Professional Qualifications Directive MEP Speech Language EN original ... tags: 2011NOV-1 ADLE ALDE Aylward Directive EPPE European

The Rails 3 Way: Using Haml

Buy The Rails 3 Way, Edition Obie Fernandez, author of The Rails 3 Way, provides advice on using the Haml framework. The ... tags: Active Support Application Developer Book code extensions Haml framework How-to