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NPR On Health for April 11, 2008

Stories 1 Light-Activated Teeth Whitening Versus Other Methods 2 How Much You Sleep Affects Weight 3 Contaminated Blood Thinner Deaths ... tags: abusesaddaddictionadhdadvertisingaidsall

Washington DC Cataract Surgeon Dr. Kang Describes a Cataract

A catract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Washington DC cataract surgeon, Dr. Paul Kang describes the anatomy of a cataract ... tags: cataractsdoctorsentertainmenteyeimplantationiol'slens

Washington DC Cataract Surgeons Dr. Clinch and Dr. Kang

Cataract surgery with lens implantation is a seamless procedure that is generally brief and pain-free. Our cataract surgeons offer new ... tags: cataractsdoctorseyeimplantationiol'slensPeople_Stories

Sinus: Overview of Sinusitis

Dr. Rodney Schlosser defines sinusitis and explains the best treatment and medication to treat this bacterial infection. tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sinus: Explanation of Sinus Polyps

The director of the Sinus Surgery Program, Dr. Rodney Schlosser, gives an overview of sinus polyps, the prolonged symptoms and treatment. tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sinus: Overview of Sinus Tumors

Dr. Rodney Schlosser discusses the diagnosis and symptoms of sinus tumors, , the difference between benign and malignant tumors, and ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sinus: Chronic Sinusitis and Surgery

Dr. Rodney Schlosser discusses when surgery is required to treat chronic sinusitis and what the surgery entails. tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sinus: Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Otolaryngologist, Rodney Schlosser talks about research of hand smoke and how exposure alters the immune response in patients and ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sleep Disorders: Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Dr. M. Boyd Gillespie, Director of the MUSC Snoring Clinic, gives an overview of snoring and sleep apnea in detail. Dr. Gillespie discusses ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sleep Disorders: Treatment and Factors of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, Dr. M. Boyd Gillespie, talks about the various treatments and devices available for chronic snorers and ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Sleep Disorders: Minimally-invasive Procedures to Stop Snoring

In the United States, 40 of the male population and 20 of the female population snore on a nightly basis. Dr. M. Boyd Gillespie talks ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear

Ear Infections: Overview of Earaches and Ear Tubes

Dr. David White, a pediatric Otolaryngologist, talks about recurrent earaches in children, the importance of seeing a doctor in certain ... tags: adenoidectomyapneacochleardeafnessdiseaseDisordersear