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In Brazil, wind blowing in new energy

Brazil draws power from the rush of water thanks to an overflow of rivers and dams. But it turns out, howling gusts from the east are just ... tags: brazilhigh_wilderness_wind_complexhydroelectrichydropowerjuan_forerorenewable_energyRenova_Energia

An Island Seeks Independence from Fossil Fuels | Global 3000

Spain has emerged as one of Europe's leaders when it comes to using renewable energy. To demonstrate that leadership, the Spanish ... tags: 3000DeutscheDW-TVenergyGlobalHierrohydropower

Global Count: Power Generation | Global 3000

99 percent of Norway's energy is generated using hydropower. It is the cleanest form of energy.While Italy and Austria are doing away with ... tags: 3000atomicclimatecoalCountCultureDeutsche

Indonesia - Hydroelectric power for villages | Global 3000

A third of all Indonesians have no access to electricity. Agricultural engineer Tri Mumpuni refused to accept this state of affairs. Her ... tags: deutsche_welleelectricityglobalizationglobal_3000hydropoweribekaindonesia

Climate Change: Bosnia and Herzegovina | Global 3000

Hydroelectric power is Bosnia's biggest export and has been for decades. However many power plants and distribution networks were destroyed ...

NorGer - Energy from Norway | Made in Germany

Hydropower is set to become a major Norwegian export. The amount of energy derived from hydropower in the country is equivalent to that of ...

Using hydropower to light up megacities in China

Virtually endless power resources are available in the mountains of the Yunnan province in Western China - hydropower. The most ...

China's Three Gorges Dam Discharges Water

The Three Gorges Dam has been discharging water to help alleviate droughts downstream in the Yangtze River in China.Powered by ... tags: Chinadamgorgeshydropowerlevelriverthree

A Primer on the World's Energy Sources

Norway gets 99 percent of its energy from hydropower, a clean energy source. France remains largely dependent on nuclear power, a ... tags: Chinaco2coalenergyhydropowernuclearpower

Burma Offers to Reconsider Suspension of Chinese-Backed Dam

For more news visit us on Twitter us on Facebook Monday, Burma's foreign minister offered to reconsider the suspension of a major dam ... tags: chinahydrohydropowerIrrawaddyMyistonenewsntdtv

Obama Proposes Tax Reform, Making Renewables Credits Permanent

The US Federal Government is making another pitch for business-tax reform, and within that thrust it is underscoring its support for ... tags: Green_Newshydropowerocean-energy