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Hydroelectric Videos by Popular

In Brazil, wind blowing in new energy

Brazil draws power from the rush of water thanks to an overflow of rivers and dams. But it turns out, howling gusts from the east are just ... tags: brazilhigh_wilderness_wind_complexhydroelectrichydropowerjuan_forerorenewable_energyRenova_Energia

Peru - Hydroelectric power for remote villages | Global 3000

Peru has been hit hard by climate change. It has seen natural disasters, damage to agriculture and water shortages. In the last 25 years ... tags: 3000AndesCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

Hydroelectricity in Taiwan | Global 3000

The relatively small island is home to some 22 million people. Most of Taiwan's electricity is still produced by coal-generated power ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicselectricityenvironmentally

Protest Against Dam Projects in the Amazon | Global 3000

The international community has long kept a sharp and critical eye on every major encroachment on the 'lungs of the earth'. But plans by ... tags: 3000AmazonBeloBrazilCulturedamDeutsche

Greenwashing - How Green is Brazil's Hydroelectric Power? | Global 3000

The Brazilian government says huge hydroelectric projects underway in Amazonia will provide environmentally friendly electricity across the ...

101 East - Laos dams: powering the future-13Aug09-Pt1

Poverty is high in the small south-east Asian country of Laos, with 40 per cent of children stunted from malnutrition.But the country does ... tags: 101aldameastenglishfishhydro-electric

Chile Police Clash with Environmentalists

Police fire water cannons at thousands of environmental activists protesting against proposed super dam for hydroelectric plant ... tags: activistsdamenvironmentalenvironmentalistshydroelectricplantpolice

American Irrigation Harms Mexican Farmers

A photojournalist reflects on his journey up the Colorado River, from the poor farmlands of Sonora, Mexico, up into the American ... tags: americaenergyhydroelectricissuesMexiconorthNorthern

Hydro-Power on a Radically Small Scale

A South African inventor is making a push for widespread, small-scale hydroelectric production.Powered by Producer GlobalPost tags: barbeeClimateenergyEnvironmenthydroelectricjeffreyMicrohydros

Town Reappears After 30 Years Under Water

During a drought, a Venezuelan town reemerges, after having been flooded by the government in 1985 in order to build a hydroelectric dam. ... tags: damenergyEssayhydroelectricissuesPotosiTachira

Namibia's Energy Concept

Africa possesses huge potential when it comes to the production of alternative energies. Hydropower alone could cover the current ... tags: biomasselectricityenergyhydroelectricNamibiapowersolar