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Hydrochloric Videos by Popular

Christmas Dinner Tips

12/19/11 - Here are some helpful tips to make Christmas dinner go down a lot more easily. tags: acidchristmascookingdietdigestiondigestivedinner

Cheeseburger in Hydrochloric Acid - Periodic Table of Videos

What happens when you dunk a cheeseburger in concentrated hydrochloric acid More chemistry from us at more detailed hydrochloric acid video ... tags: acidcheeseburgerhydrochloricTech

"Negative X" fire starts with water (Zinc, Ammonium nitrate and Sodium chloride)

IMPORTANTAll content here meant to be Educational,None of the above experiment should be repeated on your own.The famous fire ... tags: acidammoniumcforchemistrychemistrychlorateexperimentfire

"Negative X" fire starts with water (Zinc, Ammonium nitrate and Sodium chloride)

nitrogen nitrous powder zinc negative water fire potassium sodium chlorate permanganate ammonium nitrate hydrochloric sulfuric acid sugar ... tags: acidammoniumcforchemistrychemistrychlorateexperimentfire

Sodium Reacts with Four Acids

05/27/07 Here is an experiment where sodium reacts with four different acids - 6M HCl, 12M HCl, 6M HNO3 and 15M HNO3. ... tags: acidexperimentfastHClHNO3hydrochloricnitric

Fire from Water??

Making fire from a beaker of waterHow do I do it Chemistry of course This is the classic Bleach + HCl + Calcium Carbide ... tags: acidaluminumCalciumcarbideflashHydrochloriclaser

HOW-TO Make Huge Amount of Instant Hydrogen

Making huge amount of hydrogen isnt that difficult you may think. Let's see howWhat you need 1. hydrochloric acid commonly known as ... tags: acidaluminumexothermicfoilhow-howtohow_to

Make A Hollow Penny!

Using only one common chemical, completely remove the zinc core from a modern US penny, leaving just a thin copper shell An amazingly ... tags: acetoneacidamazingArcbaking_sodabasebubble