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Les 4 journalistes français aux mains des djihadistes, mais "en bonne santé"

Selon Peter Bouckaert, directeur oprationnel de l'ONG Human Rights Watch et grand connaisseur des rseaux djihadistes oprant en Syrie, les ... tags: EIILHuman_Rights_WatchISISSyrie

US drones & Muslim communities

The United States has launched numerous drone attacks in Yemen that have killed large numbers of Muslim civilians over the past few years. ... tags: Afghanistancivilian_casualtiesHuman_Rights_WatchMuslimsMuslim_communitiesPakistanPress_TV

SUR LE NET - Des hackers indonésiens piratent des centaines de sites australiens

Aujourdhui sur le net, des hackers indonsiens sattaquent au web australien. Une vido dnonce les bombardements dans la province soudanaise ...

Cruel crackdown in Bahrain

The unrest in Bahrain has gripped this tiny Persian Gulf country since a 2011 uprising demanding democracy, reforms and more share in the ...

Reality Check week ending October 11

In the headlines from this past week A Russian diplomatic source says the August chemical attack near the Syrian capital Damascus was ...

Lama Fakih, Human Rights Watch

In this edition of the show Homa Lezgee interviews Lama Fakih, researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Syria insurgent's war crime

Involving some 20 Takfiri insurgent groups, the 'Barouda offensive' resulted in the execution of 190 civilians and over 200 held hostage.

JOURNAL DE L'AFRIQUE - Human rights watch réclame des sanctions contre les leaders de la ...

En Centrafrique de nouveaux tmoignages d'atrocits commises dans l'Ouest du pays. Human rights watch publie un rapport accablant sur les ...

Farai Maguwu on Conflict Diamonds

Director of the Center for Research and Development in eastern Zimbabwe, Farai Maguwu, is being honored by Human Rights Watch with the ... tags: artsArts_Literatureblood_diamondsbryanEducationHistoryhuman_rights_watch

Seeing History Through Oil

Andrew Scott Cooper, is a historian who has worked for the United Nations andHuman Rights Watch, and is author ofThe Oil Kings How the ... tags: artsArts_LiteraturebryanEducationHistoryhuman_rights_watchlerer